What’s So Awesome About Working From Home?

Do you know anyone that works from home, whether part-time or full-time? A lot of people are working from home nowadays. Be it for the company they work for or their own business they’re working. And I bet if you ask them, what’s so awesome about working from home, they would probably have a few on their list, if not more than a few.

What’s so impressive about working from home for you? Do you have any that are not listed below? If so, please leave them in the comments below, and I will add them to the list.

What I Find Awesome

I personally have a long list, but my top 3 would have to be:

  1. Besides being able to work from home, I can work from anywhere. At malls, restaurants, hotels, doctors/dentists waiting rooms, Starbucks, park benches, even beaches. I often travel from Indiana to Florida, and as long as I bring my laptop, I am good to go! If I’m sick, I can take my laptop to bed with me and still be productive.
  2. I can schedule my workday around whatever else may be going on that day. I can be there for my family if need be. I can take the weekends off!! I create my work schedule. And I love it!
  3. I can be as creative as I want. Come up with my ideas. I’m not being held back in fear of stepping on someone else’s toes. I’m more productive. And have fewer distractions, which help me to focus better.

What Others Find Awesome

There are so many benefits. I asked, and these are some of the answers that I got:

  • Avoid traffic/rush hour.
  • I’ve become more disciplined.
  • Become more independent.
  • I’m in the comfort of my surroundings.
  • I can enjoy the weather by taking my work outside.
  • Can get up at 5:50 and be at work by 6:00 with coffee in hand.
  • I can leave in an emergency, instead of having to wait an hour for a licensed replacement worker to show up so I can leave.
  • I can make my own decisions.
  • I can now have dinner ready for the family, and I can sit and eat with them too!
  • I can stay more focused on tasks at hand.
  • I can sleep in most mornings.
  • Can skip the early morning shaves.
  • I can work at the coffee shop. (pretty much from anywhere)
  • Casual Friday is all week long
  • Create my pay raises.
  • I have created my work environment.
  • Cuts down on having to have a clothing allowance.
  • Don’t have to shower every morning.
  • Easy to run errands. I don’t have to beg my boss so that I can run a 20-minute errand
  • More comfortable to prepare your workweek.
  • Eat lunch or snack when you want, not at a set time.
  • Earning a living from home is fantastic!
  • It eliminates long commutes.
  • Empowerment!!!
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Fewer distractions.
  • Fewer sick days.
  • Flexible scheduling/work hours.
  • Freedom!
  • Get to stay home with my dogs and take them for walks.
  • I got to decorate my office to make me more productive.
  • Healthier
  • Have weekends off now.
  • ‘Home’ can be anywhere in the world!
  • How much money I make is up to me.
  • I can be a stay at home, mom.
  • I can be as creative as I want!
  • I can care for my sick wife/husband/mom/dad/aunt/etc.
  • I can coach my daughter’s soccer team.
  • I can come up with ideas like crazy!
  • I can eat my hour-long lunch, and I get to watch “General Hospital” too!
  • I can go on holiday whenever I want for as long as I want.
  • I can go to the sauna once a week when it is quiet.
  • I can start work when I want to.
  • I can work for as long as I want or as short as I want.
  • I can work on my laptop, even in my bed.
  • I don’t have to drive when bad weather hits.
  • I don’t have to ride the city bus anymore!
  • I eat healthier now.
  • I enjoy the work that I’m doing now.
  • I get paid on my own merits, efforts, and values!
  • I get to travel.
  • I no longer feel obligated to attend boring office parties.
  • I determine how much I get paid.
  • I have a chance to express myself and help others.
  • I learn way more.
  • I make the rules.
  • I now have a more balanced work and personal life.
  • I was able to learn a new career!
  • I went back to school.
  • If I get overwhelmed, I can get up from my chair and go for a quick jog/walk/etc.
  • If I need to run to the store, I do.
  • I wear whatever I want!
  • I work around the kids’ school hours.
  • It has increased my motivation as well as production.
  • I’m already home when the hubby comes back from work.
  • I’m here when the kids come home from school.
  • I’m in control!
  • I’m no longer a slave to the corporate world.
  • I’ve become a stay at home, dad.
  • I’ve learned to be self-motivated.
  • I’ve made a ton of friends working from home.
  • Just got to remove weekly babysitting payments from our budget!!
  • Keeping in touch – you don’t have everyone physically around you all the time, you become much more aware of the importance of needing to stay in touch.
  • Less money on office space.
  • Less wear and tear on my vehicle.
  • Managing work and kids is much easier. I can do a lot more that I couldn’t before. No missed school conferences. No missed spelling bees. No Missed Father & Daughter days!
  • Mental well-being.
  • More beauty sleep since I don’t have to get up earlier to get ready for work and then drive in rush hour traffic.
  • More productive!
  • More time with the family/kids–no more missing kids sports/plays/functions.
  • Much more comfortable working environment.
  • No alarm clock. Did I say no alarm clock?
  • No annoying co-workers/supervisors/bosses.
  • No distractions!
  • No longer have to pay bridge tolls.
  • I no longer have to pay daycare for after school!
  • No more having to ask for time off from work for appointments, school functions, sick days, etc.
  • No more nasty train commutes!
  • I do not need to wear make-up every day.
  • No office politics!
  • No one is yelling at me to get back to my desk when I busy doing something else.
  • I do not have to get to a job when it is cold, snowy, or icy!
  • Not having to get up and go work outside in the hot/cold/rainy/snowy weather anymore.
  • One fellow I know tracked his savings, and he saved over $6700.00 in 12 months.
  • Quieter atmosphere.
  • I have reduced environmental stress.
  • Saves time.
  • Saves you money in gas, having to buy dress/office clothes, suits, ties uniforms. Dry cleaning. Toll booths. Subway, city bus, ferry fare/pass. Lunches or dinners-whether you bring them from home or eat out.
  • Showing others, it can be done. Especially to those that said I couldn’t.
  • I stay motivated.
  • Structure of every workday differently.
  • Take a bathroom break whenever I want, without anyone’s permission.
  • Take my dog on walks when I take a break.
  • Tax deductions, write-offs.
  • The opportunity to make a living from my home and set my hours.
  • Time for workouts.
  • You are your own boss.
  • You can set realistic/satisfying goals for you, by you.
  • You get to own, your own business.
  • You get to smoke in your office if you’re a smoker.
  • You have more control over distractions you may have from home.
  • Your office can be anywhere. One gal has her office in s small section of her closet. She shuts her door at the end of her day.
  • You can work around your full time or part-time job. Even in between your college/university classes.
  • Work in your PJs!
  • Works done on my schedule.

Awesome is Endless

As you can see, this list is enormous!  Probably endless.  If you have any of your own reasons, please leave them below. I’d love to be able to add them to my list.

Some of these have to be appealing to you.  Sure beats punching in and out on a time-clock/computer.

This is What I Do

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4 thoughts on “What’s So Awesome About Working From Home?

  1. Yes, the economy in most western countries is improving but this doesn’t change the fact that there is an increase in the number of people who have made the decision to develop income stream. This post is great because it discusses the internal conversations that people are already having in their own heads and helps them to understand the benefits of being an entrepreneur, even if it is only on a part-time basis, working from home. Great post and a good read.

    1. Hi Jonny,

      I believe more and more people will be taking this path. Glad you like my post.

      Have a good one,

  2. There are so many benefits these days when it comes to working from home. I’m on the step of scaling back one day at work to work on my own at-home business, well several at-home businesses. Being an independent person who hates to work and produce on other peoples’ time means that working from home, setting my own hours and other daily activities far suits me better than the 9-5 (or later) rush hour. That’s not life. Working from home and earning a full-time income, though it takes time, is life. 

    1. Hi Todd,

      You are so correct, “that’s not life,” when I read that marching robots with briefcases is what came to mind.  Working for oneself, at least for me, is very liberating.  Not only am I creating my own future, but on MY terms.  I’m learning new things that I wouldn’t have learned if I continued with retail management.  And what I’m building now, can be left to my girls, that I really like.

      Thanks for stopping by Todd,
      =)   Laura

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