Ways to Make Money with a Blog

Do you have your blog? Are you writing content regularly – remember that leads to higher search engine ranking, which brings more visitors to your blog.

IF you don’t have a blog yet, then read my “How do I Start My Own Blog?” article. It will get you going, and within no time, you will have your blog.

Now would you like to learn how to make money with your blog? There are numerous ways in that you can make money. Would you like to know the ways to make money with a blog?


I’ll be honest with you; I didn’t think I could make money this way. But I placed Google Adsense ads on a few pages, and then forgot about them. After about five months, I clicked on my Google Adsense dashboard and low and behold; I made money!! I had made enough money to pay for two of my domain name renewals for this year. Can you imagine how much I could have made if I placed their ads on all my pages! I got excited because it showed me that you could make money by placing advertisements on your blog!

Every time a visitor clicks on an ad, you will get paid for that click. This kind of advertising is also called pay per click, PPC. There are many advertisers from which you can choose. I chose Google Adsense because they are a reputable company, and I know I’ll get paid.

And it is simple to do. Join Google Adsense, get the code snippet, and place it on pages where you want ads. Make sure that you place the ad where it can be visible. I’m sure you’ve seen them on other blogs/websites. Once you place the code in your blog, you sit back and do nothing more. Let the earning begin! How cool is that?

Are you wondering just how much you can make with this? The more traffic you get, the better. That is key! Never forget that the more content you write brings readers to your blog, who reads one or two of your posts and then could click on one, maybe two of your ads. That’s money in your pocket!

There are many other similar companies with PPC and CPM advertising.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are what I do mostly. It is where you join an affiliate program, place one of their ads on your post, and the advertiser will pay you a percentage of the cost of the product or products. My most significant program is Amazon.

They have every product you can think of. I can change what ads go on what posts. I wrote a post on pet rescue called “Furbabies.”   In this post, I placed Amazon ads relating to pets. I set the ads and forget about it. If I notice a new popular fad (like pet furniture), I’ll create an ad and add it to that post.

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One gentleman I know sells only one item, a powerful mixer. It fits into his niche of being healthy. With this mixer, you can make healthy and nutritional smoothies/drinks. I can only assume, he is making good money with the selling of this one product, cause he still has it up on his blog.  It has been for a few years now.

There are thousands of affiliate networks you can participate in. I am also involved in travel, vacation rentals, dating services, health equipment – to name a few

Digital Products

Digital products can be a lucrative field. Digital products get sold; they then can be downloaded online. Things such as blog themes, courses taught online, ebooks, plugins, online workshops, software/applications, etc..

If you take this route, make sure it is useful for your readers or potential readers.  Possibly something that they need.  Or something that will help them in some way.

become your own boss today, work from home, make money onlineI know a lot of women that create planner pages that you can purchase. They’ll have a wide variety of sheets and checklists that you can download for free.  Then they’ll offer fancier packages, for a fee of course.

Possibly, you can create an application where people can keep a digital planner on their smartphone,  laptop, or pc. I mean, the opportunities are endless. Listen to those around you. You’d be surprised at how many ideas can start that way.

Private Ads

You can sell space on your blog to advertisers. Those that you go to or those that may come to you. You would then place banners, buttons, or links within your post.

Going this route means you get to set your ad rates. Giving you more control by cutting out the middle man.

Or maybe you can write a sponsored post. What about paid reviews for a company you have sold ad space fo. As you continue to read this article, you will find numerous different ways to earn money. It will get you to thinking of many possibilities.

Products or Services

You can sell a product you make personally. For example, handmade jewelry. It can be products that someone else makes. Once my husband retires, he will have time for woodworking, and he plans on making all kinds of furniture. And of course, I will start a blog for him. I know many people who have done this and make a very lucrative income. A few do this full time. They quit their 9 to 5 jobs and started their own business. They become their own boss. Working from home. Who wouldn’t love that?

become your own boss today, work from home, make money online

You can charge for a service that you provide. This list is pretty much endless. You can advertise that you do housecleaning, babysitting, elder care, pet grooming, and so on. Your blog can be your advertisement board but on the internet.

My dog groomer has a blog where I can request an appointment from her blog. She has what services her shop provides, as well as her prices. And there are pictures of dogs she has groomed with short stories. Customers can also leave reviews on whether they were satisfied with the services provided. It’s a cute blog. It also includes the name of her business, her name, address, and phone number. I’ve been with her right after she first opened, and now her business is thriving.

There is another way of earning money. These are called CPM ads. These are ads that pay you a set amount of money, which is based on how many people view your ad. Example; cost per 1000 impressions. I’ve not had any experience with this yet; therefore, I am unable to honestly state how well one can earn going this route with advertising. I am sure the more traffic you have, the more people that will see your ads.

Writing Reviews

become your own boss today, work from home, make money onlineWriting reviews is a good way of bringing more readers to your blog. Honest, thorough reviews give you credibility. More and more people are researching items they are considering purchasing. Here is another way to help your readers.

I know a few people that get paid, pretty good money, for writing reviews. There can be good money to be made if you’re good at writing reviews.

I also consider this another way to promote your blog. When one searches a product, Google/Bing/Yahoo will send that person to your blog. They read your review. Possibly your review can help them to decide on potential products. Then they read a couple of more product reviews, and move on to some of your other posts. That’s’ what you want.

Final Thoughts

Above are only a few ideas on how you can earn money with your blog. Do searches. Visit other people’s blogs to see how they may make money. Read other peoples/companies’ stories. This field is HUGE!! Advertising has always been a big sell, off and online. More and more people are turning to their computers to shop online. We’re in a busy world, and online shopping is much more convenient, as well as profitable for retailers.

Last year, $122 billion was spent by online shoppers in retail. That is a rise of 17%, from the year before. Each year that percentage has steadily risen.  Get in there and get your cut of that revenue!!

If you would like to learn more about blog building and how to make money with that blog, you can try, free for seven days over at Wealthy Affiliate. What they can teach you is like nothing you can find online. If, after seven days, you’re not interested. Just quit. Click the banner below and see for yourself. No personal info asked, other than your email, and no for off payment is asked as well.

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20 thoughts on “Ways to Make Money with a Blog

  1. This is great information, as after a person has started sharing their blog with the world, it is beneficial and keeps the momentum going if the blog actually makes some money. Blogging is a great way to connect with a worldwide audience at any hour of the day, and knowing how to monetize the content can be very rewarding!

    1. Hello Aly,

      You are so right about connecting worldwide, at any hour of the day.  I find that in itself rewarding.

      Being able to capitalize on your blog is even more rewarding.  Things are changing constantly and staying on top of them will keep everyone in the loop.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll bookmark my blog, so you can visit again,
      =)   Laura

  2. Oh wow, before coming here I had thought that there would only be one single way to make money with a blog but I have been proven wrong here. I think one way that will really suit me will be selling digital products online . That way, I can get commission for what I sell. Will be really good for me. Again, I have to say thank you.

    1. Hello Henderson and welcome,

      I am thrilled that you got something out of this post.  It’s always good when one can generate more money with their blogs.

      Bookmark my blog and continue to check back often,
      =)  Lura

  3. Hello there, thansk for sharing this wonderful post. Starting up a blog is quite easy, but making money from the blog is most important, as its the aim of most bloggers. Going by these means of making money from a blog you have given, I must admit these are some of the ways I’ve seen. Reviews on products have been one good means of making money as well ass affiliate marketing which is very lucrative. Nice being here.

    1. Hi Dane,

      Thanks for stopping by.  It’s not always easy making money as it is creating a blog, but it can be done.  And you are right, reviews are important.  I think they are critical for most blogs.  And a terrific way to promote and get traffic.

      I am over the moon that you thought my post, wonderful.  I hope you come again, soon,
      =)  Laura

  4. You can definitely make money as an affiliate marketer by utilizing your website. If you use SEO and write reviews, this strategy might take time but will pay you in full. I am half way of getting the organic traffic through SEO 🙂 Currently, I have been putting some ads on my site to get some income to my site, not a lot but better than nothing. Hopefully my site will take off soon. 

    1. Hi Nuttanee,

      It’s always good to expand.  It increases our chance of earning revenue.  I’ve done an article about SEO, but not a review.  Thank you for giving me something to think about.

      nd thank you for stopping by,

  5. Hi Laura

    I currently just use affiliate links on my blog and have always deliberated whether to use adverts or not. I guess I find them annoying when I visit a particular website and the ads are there or pop up and isn’t related to the site or what I’m reading! So based on that feeling, I don’t want a reader to think this when they visit my site!

    There are some ideas you’ve mentioned in the post that I know I need to work on such as creating e-books or producing checklists – so thanks for the reminders!

    Great article and info. All the best


    1. Hello Teresa,

      I totally understand annoying ads and pop-ups.  I refuse to use pop-ups because I know how much they annoy me.  As for Google Adsense, they give you different options for different kinds of ads.  Which you can place within your content.  Now if I have affiliate links, placed within a post I won’t place GA ads, because they tend to compete with my affiliate links.  I don’t need competition.  So I place them on posts where I have no affiliate links. 

      You may want to check into it.  It can always be removed if you don’t care for using them.  By no means do I feel one can get rich, but it can cover any business expenses you may occur.

      There’s always things we could work on, but it keeps us busy, LOL, 
      =)  Laura

  6. Thanks for putting up a useful post like this. I have been into blogging for quite some time now and i have been making some good money from sharing affiliate links. With the rate at whicj affiliate marketing is growing, its actually one of the best means to making money from ones site. I’ll love to add sharing ads on my site as well and see how it can be useful. Best regards.

    1. Hi Dane,

      I believe as you with affiliate marketing being a good way to make money.  And again, you are correct about how it is growing.  With my niche, I can pretty much match affiliate links to posts’ topics.

      I appreciate you liking my post and leaving me a comment.  I do hope you’ll return again, soon.

      Best regards to you as well, Dane,
      =)  Laura

  7. Excellent article on ways to make money with a blog,you have really explained it,making money online is certain and sure if one could build a blog and monetize,its a wonderful experience earning generating income through this medium,but the blog must updated with quality content coupled with perfect keyword for better ranking,all the means are very genuine because its like establishing a physical business,but online business is lucrative,thank you for sharing this helpful post.

    1. Hi Abayami,

      You are totally correct with keywords.  I debated on including that.  Thank you for mentioning it.  I do have an article regarding keywords called, “Are You Familiar with Keywords?”  I’d love to hear your take on that post.  Maybe I’ll mention keywords in my article with a reference to that post.  Again, thank you for bringing this up.  It’s why I enjoy receiving comments on my posts so much.  =)

      I am delighted that you liked my article, and I hope you’ve bookmarked my site,

  8. Hi! It’s cool to have so many different options to make money with a blog. I hadn’t heard about all of them. Thanks for putting together this post.

    I’d like to try selling space on my blog for private ads. I perceive you need quite a bit of traffic to be attractive for this types of ads. Do you know what would be the minimum monthly traffic?

    1. Hi Henry,

      Thanks for stopping by.  There were a couple I had not heard of myself.  But I will be checking into, like yourself. 

      I believe the more traffic you get monthly would help greatly with any ways of making money.  As for the Private Ads, that is one of the two I did not know about, so I can not answer your question with certainty.  If I had to guess, I would say that it may depend on what kind of ads, as well as at least 1000+ visitors a month.  Keep in mind this is my guess.  I’m sure there are many different answers to your question, with many different numbers.  I just plucked 1000+ out of the air, cause I would think, that would be a good start!  =)  

      Good luck to you, Henry, and come back to share your money-making stories,
      =)   Laura

  9. I have to say WOW!, your site is amazing. There is so much information and I had to read over some of the articles three times.  I wasn’t familiar with ad sense and had no idea you could make money from it.  I plan to use it and see what it can do for me.  I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I feel really good about it.  I’ve tried every way in the book to make money through my own business and as of today have had no success.  I was ready to give up and call it quits but I found Wealthy Affiliate and decided to try it one more time.  I believe if you have the right training you can do anything.  I really enjoyed your article, “How to Manage Your Time”.  It seems like when I awake in the morning, I do a couple of things, and before I know it the day is over.  This tells me that I really need help in this area.  I will definitely follow you and I’m so glad that I’m a part of your family (Wealthy Affiliate).  

    1. Hi Peggy,

      I am so glad you found my site amazing.  You’ve brought a huge smile to my face, and that I am doing a good job.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

      I am happy to hear you found WA.  I have to say that not only is the training tremendous, but so is the community.  You’re being taught to head in the right direction, so keep on writing, oh and training.  It’s endless, by so many of the members.  Some members you connect with and some you won’t.  But you learn from those members you do connect with.

      Managing my time was a big issue for me.  I tend to get sidetracked so easily.  And honestly, it still happens, but I am able to recognize it now, and quickly get back on track.  I too, learned from writing, “Managing You Time Working from Home.”  I love it when that happens.

      Please bookmark my site, and come back often, Peggy,
      =)  Laura

  10. Indeed Money making online has changed in a dramatic way. We can say it is a new revolution for people to work from home. I have got a lot of sites from this article and I will love to apply for my site. I think all of the Google Adsense and info links are the best way of earning money from a website. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

    1. Hi Suen,

      I think making money online, and working from home will continue to change, for a bit anyway.

      I hope some of my ideas bring you plenty of money!

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