Technology and It’s Effects on Jobs (Must See Videos)

My husband works construction; he’s a welder by trade.  Anyways, a few years back, he told me about a warehouse that they built for Amazon. He said machines/robots mostly ran it.  I didn’t realize the scope of what he had said back then, till today.  I searched YouTube, and below are just a couple of the hundreds of results that popped up.
WATCH THESE BELOW-they’ll open in a new window.  It’s important to see at least one of the below videos.  It’ll truly open your eyes.



It Is Happening

I searched YouTube; all the video’s that popped up was astounding.  The above videos are from warehouses in the US.  There were tons of more videos from other countries.  And I’m sure they’ll soon be here.
I remember my grandmother huffing and puffing about how computers were going to take away our jobs.  As a young child, I thought to myself how that could never happen.  Oh, brother, was I so wrong, huh??

I even found surgeries that have been performed.  Now I’ve seen these on TV.  But they’re doing so many different kinds of operations.  I saw one of a small child having his spine operated on by a computer they call Di Vinci’s intention on writing this article is not to scare you.  And I’m sure you already know about this.  But technology is moving so fast.  Look at smartphones.  Mine is always getting a new update at least every three months or so.  I’ll download an app, only to have to update it every two months.  If what you currently own is the first generation, wait, there will be a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, and I could go on and on with this.  My Kindle Fire 8, is the 7th generation.  You know what I’m talking about.  It’s hard to keep up.  You no sooner get you a brand new electronic, and in nine months, they’re coming out with a new one.


Have You Been Affected Yet?

The benefits of robots are many.  They can ‘multi-task’ many tasks at once. They are more consistent, efficient, and precise than human workers.  Because robots can complete jobs faster,  that increases production, as well as the infamous bottom line to any business, profits!

    1. Analysts
    2. Anesthesiologists
    3. Assembly workers
    4. Bank Tellers
    5. Bartenders
    6. Bomb Squad
    7. Bowling ball pinsetter
    8. Bus drivers
    9. Cashiers
    10. Chefs
    11. Clerks
    12. Doctors
    13. Factory Workers
    14. Film projectionists
    15. Gardening
    16. Guards
    17. Hotel staff
    18. Journalists
    19. Phone operators
    20. Pilots
    21. Postal Workers
    22. Prescriptions
    23. Reporters
    24. Researchers
    25. Receptionists
    26. Soldiers
    27. Stock Traders
    28. Stockrooms
    29. Switchboard operator
    30. Taxi drivers
    31. Telemarketers
    32. Travel agents
    33. Truck Drivers
    34. Typist
    35. Warehouse

The above occupations have either replaced employees (or cut back considerably), or will in the future.

Get an Education

If you can go back to school/college, I suggest you do so.  When one of our girls were in college, so many of the kids were taking majors or minors in:

      • Data Entry
      • Database
      • Electronics Engineer or Technician
      • Graphic Design
      • Hardware
      • Networking
      • Programmers
      • Repair
      • Sales
      • Security
      • Software development
      • Technical support
      • Web design


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2 thoughts on “Technology and It’s Effects on Jobs (Must See Videos)

  1. Seriously, this is a very alarming topic that needs a very serious deliberation and action. Anytime I try to look up my YouTube to discover new things, I get amazed at the fast rate at which technology is moving but it gets really disheartening to realise all these development will affect human labour and render most people jobless. The best way is just to keep up to trend as youve suggested and find a better means to generate income.

    1. It is scary. I remember, many years ago, my Nana saying that computers were going to take over our jobs. She had already retired, but computers did take over her job, telephone operator.

      Thanks for stopping by, and keep several steps ahead, my friend,
      =)   Laura

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