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Are you ready to invest in yourself in 2019?  Let’s make this your year!  A year of change.  A year of purpose. Start your online business today.  Please continue reading. Remember this is your year.

Consider investing, 97 cents a day, in yourself.  Ninety-seven cents and as much time as you have-you work around your schedule.  Would you do it?  What if you can make a website–in about 30 seconds, get traffic to your website, and learn different ways in which to make money with your website?  Ninety-seven cents a day, aren’t you worth it?  Less than a dollar a day.  I have that change in my jeep!

In the process, you will be helping people. They will learn from the article you write.  What are you passionate?  What do you enjoy doing?  They’ll read reviews that you will write.  You will give them the information they need to decide if ‘said’ product is worth their hard earned money, or not.

Affiliate Marketing has become a very lucrative market.  With dedication, focus and time (as much as you can spare,), you can make a living online.  Who knows, you may be able to quit your current job.  All of this can be done, working from home.  From whatever room you choose.  Heck, you can even work in your comfy sweats if you want!  I’ve worked at Starbucks, a hotel room while traveling, even at the beach-no wifi but I was still able to write content.

In time you can begin to make a full-time income.  Maybe you need enough to pay off your car.  Or to take that trip to Italy you promised your spouse.  You can be successful.  And this is legit.  I’m doing it and have been for the last nine months.  The holidays were kind to me, and I did see money coming in!

And If You’re Not Sure

That’s ok if you’re not sure.  I wasn’t.  I was extremely hesitant because of all the scams online. But with Wealthy Affiliate, you can try this for a week. Free!  Not credit or debit card needed.  They do not ask you for any personal information.  Only an email address, and you can begin. What you get for free are 20 lessons.  Each one has step by step videos, tasks you complete such as creating your site (in about 30 seconds), 24/7/365 live support, live chat, and a mentor!

You get Premium member access for seven days.  Level 1 – 10 lessons of Online Entrepreneur Certification as well as Phase 1 boot camp training-10 lessons.  That’s 20 lessons for free.  Just click on the banner below to start your Free Starter Membership!


Sign up for youe free startermembership today! Not a scam,and not a get rich overnight scam. You work it and it can be yours!



After Your FREE Week

How does your website look?  It is your website that you created.  You’ll have some content on your site, that you learned how to write.  You even learned about SEO (search engine optimization,) and how to get traffic to your website.  Do you like what you’ve acquired thus far?  You can see that affiliate marketing offers you many avenues in which to earn.

You do need to be serious, about starting your own business.  Being determined and willing to spend what time you can spare on your business.  Applying yourself makes a big difference.  As I mentioned above, this is not a get rich scam, and it will not happen overnight. But if you put in the time, and dedication, remain focused, you will succeed.

With affiliate marketing, I have two other websites, one in which I sell Amazon products on with their affiliate program.  That’s where my money came from this past holiday season.  I have also teamed up with:

  • Body Boss
  • Dresslily
  • Gymboree
  • LilyDress
  • NYVape
  • Palace Resorts
  • Shein
  • The Chic Gal
  • Yoga International

And that’s only a few.  Each affiliate program offers a commission for the sales I generate.  All you have to do is,  place their ads on the pages of your website.  When your readers/visitors click on those ads and purchase products, you get that commission.  I’ve seen some commissions as high as 85%. Become your own boss today.  Generate an income while you sleep, drop the kids off at school, grocery shopping, pick up the dry cleaning,  or while working your full-time job. Be sure to read “What’s So Great About Working from Home?“.  There are many benefits to working from home.


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