Real Success Stories

There are tons and tons of success stories I could add to my article.  I’m will try to give you a wide variety of stories, maybe you’ll relate to a couple of them.

What Does the Word Success Mean to You?

All these successful people are just like you and I.  From all walks of life.  Many from different countries, but they made their business work for them.  So, please believe, that this is doable for you and me.

You will see small successes and big successes, that isn’t what matters, all of these stories are successes, the author of each of these stories, never gave up and worked very hard.

This page is currently being renovated, but I did not want to take it down, these stories are truly inspiring!!

6 WA Sales in One Day!–AnisChity

11 Months In – 700$ Month – The Boom ?!–DejanWA

$775 First 2 days of 2017–boston10111

$5k per mo is possible – Follow the training and you’ll get results–btheil

$40,000 In One Weekend–byronbrewer

A Little Over 1 Year Update!–EdyIsChandra

Amazing Amazon Sales for Black Friday & Cyber Monday!–nathaniell

Can someone make a full-time income promoting WA? You bet they can!–VitaliyG

December 2016 – $8968–btheil

I joined Wealthy Affiliate by accident.–JasonHeard

I love December! 91 Items ordered in one day!–dj-drea

Made 1700 Dollars In August–elvalen1987

My 10 YEAR Wealthy Affiliate report!–MarcusWFHW

My First Amazon Check has Arrived!–AriefWibowo

New Record – Over 15.8k worth of Sales with CJ in the last 30 days–P

One Year In quit my day job!–LizHennessy

Q4 report From 0-30K! And my first year at WA!–derekmarshal

September Income: $4,116.62–BrokFTJFH

The TRUE Measure of Success–IveTriedThat

Two Years At Wealthy Affiliate Today!–LynneHuy

WA Success! Going To Ibiza!–kevinmj

Wealthy Affiliate Results – How I Made $2K in 1 Day Last Month–MattThomas

What WA has done for me in the first 6 months and how to make it work–ramccraken

Would you trade $359 for $3500?–scottdogg187


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