My Review-Wealthy Affiliate 2019

Come this July 24, 2019; I will have been with Wealthy Affiliate for a year. As of today, I rounded it up to ten months. I wasn’t sure how to go about writing my review. I did google reviews on WA, and I didn’t want to write just another Wealthy Affiliate review, like those I found. I mean there are thousands of them out there.

What I write is my opinion and my opinion only. It is honest and sincere. I have no reasons to lie. If you knew me in person, you know I pretty much tell it like it is. I’ll try my very best to keep in clean.

My comments, opinions, etc. will be those written scattered throughout, below.

I’ll Jump Ahead

Instead of writing how I came across Wealthy Affiliate I will get into how it piqued my interest. I read the article that appeared on the page I landed on. I heard my Nana’s voice saying how “Nothing is for free dear, nothing!” But as I said, I was interested. So I researched the hell out of it. I’m a research fanatic, so I weeded through many, many websites, and pages. And no matter what, you’re going to find both positive reviews and negative reviews.

This part of the research is where you have to dig and dig deep. I start with the negative reviews. Don’t ask me why, but I always have. I read a lot of negative reviews. I get the chief ‘complaints,’ and I move on to the positive reviews where I find those that were duplicated. If the repeated negatives outweigh the repeated positive reviews, then I usually move on.  The negatives did not exceed the positives!

Besides, I was curious, and it’s free. Right? So I clicked on that pretty free starter membership banner, you can find it toward the bottom of my page.

Free Starter Membership

Once I signed up, I read what I needed to know and that it all was free. All I needed was an email, to sign up with and choose a password. That was it.  Then you sign in, and you can start with the training. But before I did any of that, I had to nose around a bit.  I consider myself computer savvy, but a lot of what I was reading was new to me.  I did manage to make myself a profile. That was pretty easy.

The next day I checked out the training. Level 1 Online Entrepreneur Certification, (OEC)  And, of course, I started with Lesson 1.
A quick note, your free starter membership lasts seven days. But that is ample enough time to get through the most training.

P.S: I wanted to add that with your free starter membership, you can build two free websites.

Did I think it was hard? Not so much hard as it was challenging. I then moved onto Lesson 2. I became excited because I was learning something new and it was interesting!

Moving on to Lesson 3

After each lesson, you have tasks that need, be completed before moving onto the next lesson. Again, if you get stuck, help is there for you 24/7/365. The tasks have you working on creating your website, and then building it out from there.

When you are done with Lesson 3 and 4, you will have yourself a website. And one that you built in about 30 seconds. It is that simple. And if you have any questions you can PM your mentor, go into live chat, or ask your question on your WA blog. Other members will help you. WA is truly a pay it forward community.

You’ll learn about your back office, and what it is you can do in there. To name a few of what you can do, edit an article, customize your website and themes, add plugins, tweak settings, or add a new article.

The ten lessons were challenging, a few even hard, but I was able to get help. At first, I became frustrated with asking a question in Live Chat, but it was on me for I was doing it wrong, and I’m known to be a bit impatient. The training was awesome. Anyone could follow it, from the newbie online, to the newbie on affiliate marketing to the more seasoned user.

I enjoyed the videos. They helped me the most. They are a bit out-dated, but the training gets across. It’s mainly the browser shots, WA platform, etc. All have upgraded several times since the videos were made. The lesson is also written, which I would read either before or after I’d watch the video. Sometimes both.

I found myself eager to get up the next day and learn some more. I often jumped ahead of my training but learned very quickly it all was covered in training, in the order as it is, I just had to learn to slow down and be patient. If you find yourself jumping ahead, don’t, it’ll save you a lot of headache and time.

I honestly kept waiting for that upsell. You know like after the first five lessons, it was $9.99 to continue. That did not happen! It was genuinely free membership!

Moving on to Boot Camp Training


Phase 1 of WA Boot Camp Training:

When you complete all ten phases of boot camp training you will know about the following:

  • Understand the WA Affiliate Program Opportunity
  • How to Set and Reach Extraordinary Affiliate Goals
  • Learn How You Can Meet Us in Vegas next year!
  • How to Share Content Within Wealthy Affiliate and Earn
  • Finding and Creating a Successful “Authority” Style Domain
  • Creating a Massively Successful WA Affiliate Campaign
  • Also when you’re done with this phase, you will have a second site for WA. That’s two site

Bootcamp training is a little more in depth. More intriguing. I found a lot of it repeated what I learned in Level 1 of OEC. I honestly preferred the OEC training over boot camp training. I felt I learned more, and accomplished much more when it came to my website.  

I saw where a few of the members that have been with WA for a while suggested doing the boot camp training after you completed all levels of OEC training. A few even suggested doing one or the other, not both. I did my boot camp training once I was done with OEC training.  OEC made me hungry to learn.  

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade

I knew already that there was an option to become a Premium member and that it costs money. I didn’t make my mind up right away.  You could pay monthly, bi-yearly or yearly. I still wasn’t sure about Wealthy Affiliate, so since they were offering the first-month membership fee at $19.00 instead of the $49.00, I figured I’d give another month a try.  To check this whole thing out.  Any you could cancel at any time!

Again, I was still waiting for an upsell, even after the fee for Premium membership. I do want to state that you are a Premium member with access to all Premium perks once you sign up for your free starter membership. After your seven days are up, your membership is downgraded to a free member. But there have been plenty of people that continued with there website and earned money as well.

You have three ways in which you can pay:


  • Monthly at $49.00
    $1.62 a day–(I have that change laying in my truck!)
  • Six months (20% off)
    $39.00 a month
    (that’s $234 for 6 months, saving you $60.00!
  • Yearly (39% off)
    $29.92 a month
    $349.00 paid yearly (save $229.00)
    .98 cents a day! (I have that much on top of my dryer in the laundry room!)

To me, that seemed like an awful lot of money. I was still in the mindset that after paying these membership fees, somewhere down the line, I was going to be milked for yet even more money. But I wasn’t.  By choice, I did pay $13.99 for my domain name for my website. It is a yearly renewal fee. But I have Google AdSense ads placed on one site, and I already have this years’ money for two domain names renewal fees, paid for with earnings I earned with Google AdSense. Other than that fee, no more money was asked for. Buying a domain name is not needed, nor required,  to continue with your training. Ten and a half months with Wealthy Affiliate and no upsells at all. It’s great and with everything included in Premium, its a steal.  I have two online businesses.

I went to another hosting platform for a political site I was considering doing, and it was a nightmare. UPSELL, UPSELL, UPSELL. That should’ve been its name. I went with a basic package, which a sales rep said would be okay with what I had planned to do with this site. I ran into problems with my page loading. It got to the point where I was unable to work on my website because it never uploaded. Of course, this hosting platform wanted me to upgrade my package, costing me more money. I canceled that hosting company in less than two weeks.

But it did help me to see what it is Wealthy Affiliate offers and at a very decent price. You can not go wrong. If you’re looking to have an online business and learn how to help people and earn money, WA is the best training platform,  found anywhere on the internet-worldwide!

SPECIAL NOTE: If you upgrade to Premium during our Black Friday weekend, you can go yearly for only $299.00. That’s $24.92 a month. Almost half off the regular yearly price!  That’s .81 cents a day!!

What you get with Premium Membership is genuinely worth the money. Click here to see what Premium Membership includes. See all the perks you get. It is amazing. Nothing else out there like it!

Another article you may be interested in reading. The PREMIUM Membership – In a League of its Own.
An excellent read!

Onto the Other Levels of OEC

After Level 1, you will have four more levels to go. Each level includes ten lessons with the same step by step video training that you got in your free starter membership. With the tasks after each lesson, your foundation is laid out, and you’re building upon it. Go as fast or slow as you want with this training. It is to fit your schedule, not the other way around.

I liked that I was able to fit this into my schedule, which is different every day.  No problem I went at my own pace.  Not only was this training informative, but it gave me much more than that. I became confident in what I was doing. I truly began to understand what it was. I was doing.  I had a whole new purpose in life, something I lost when I became unable to work and contribute to the household income. By this time I had two sites, and I knew how to build on them. Edit them, write content. Get ranked on Google. Etc.

The feeling you get when you are helping other people is unreal! People come to your site to read your content. And you build trust with them, over time. And that is when the money can start coming in. WA is not a get-rich-quick scam; you’ll have to work, become dedicated to your business and never, ever give up. If that’s the only piece of advice I could give you, it would be never to give up! You can earn a full-time income with your site, online. And in more ways, than you realize.

An Abundance of Training

You would think once you finish your OEC training as well as your Bootcamp Training that you’ve done. But you are so wrong. Every week, on Friday we have a live webinar, held by Jay. He teaches us so much more. And he breaks it down as well. Step by step. It’s truly astounding. At the end of his webinar, he has a live Q&A, so if you have questions, they can get answered.

I think since I’ve joined WA I maybe missed four webinars, maybe five. They’re that informative and fun! But those few I did miss I was able to watch to the following weekend. That is because all webinars do get uploaded to WA’s platform, for you to watch at a later time, or to reference back on.

WA has over a million members worldwide. From many countries. And thousands of some of those members write their tutorials and training videos. Again, there is 1000s of more training for you to obtain. Maybe you didn’t quite understand Google Analytics, with more training, you have it broken down for you, made as simple as possible, so that you’ll learn about Google Analytics. (you’ll learn about this soon, don’t worry. LOL)

I’d be lost without this additional training. It is terrific! I can not count the times that it got me straightened out and going it the right direction. As well as armed me with the knowledge I need to succeed with my business.

You will have a mentor that can provide you with additional training or understanding, to help you grow your online business. There are also members that are more than willing to help you out. Right now I have a good friend/member helping me out with some glitches on my new websites. And he’s always happy to help. Wealthy Affiliate is awesome. They offer so much, and believe it or not, when you think about it, for a low cost.  If you were to break down what all you get with Wealthy Affiliate and then going on the internet to get each component, it would be at least $200.00 – a month!!

My Final Word

I could go on and on about how great I think Wealthy Affiliate, but join the free starter membership and ask those in live chat. Go through the hundreds of thousands of posts and see for yourself what others think about WA.

Meet the co-owners, Kyle and Carson, of Wealthy Affiliate. Reach to them; they mentor too! How awesome is that?

The WA community is big on networking! Networking leads to success. Something that we all want. I found networking to be extremely helpful. I could reach out to a member with a question, or ask for help. I think that is one of the things I like most, is engaging with like-minded people, with the same goal as yourself. To become successful with your online business and have a website that generates revenue. Imagine what you could do with the extra money. I know a few that half quit their full-time job, to work from home full time. There are many perks, working from home, be sure to read, “What’s So Awesome About Working from Home?”

I don’t want to forget the WA Affiliate Program $$ — “You can share any blog post, any training module, or any profile here with the Share Buttons or the Affiliate Links and get revenue for anybody that signs up through that link. We offer one of the highest paying affiliate programs online! Share the content you enjoy on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your website or via email and get rewarded! You have full access to the WA affiliate program which can lead to a recurring income stream.”


Let me leave you with one more thing to read.  It’s what fuels me when my spirits get low. It happens, but that’s just life. It’s the real success stories from members of Wealthy Affiliate. Take a few moments to check them out.

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