Make Money Selling Amazon Products (See How it’s Done!)

Money can make online by selling Amazon products.  With a blog, traffic going to your blog and then join Amazon’s affiliate program.  You’re good to go.  You can begin selling Amazon products.

No inventory.  There is no bulk purchasing required.  No money is needed at all!  What other business can you startup, never actually having to touch the product at all?  You don’t even deal with collecting the money from the customer!  Amazon handles everything.  Amazon collects the money from the customer.  Amazon gathers, packs, and ships the order. Handles any returns.  You do nothing, besides the placement of Amazon advertisements on your blog pages.

Another great thing about selling Amazon products is the variety and access to so many products.  See what works best for you, what works best for your blog.  Are you interested in making money selling Amazon products?

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This Works Best for Me

I wrote one article about Fish Oil.  I explained its benefits and how I take it for inflammation.

When I finished my article, I would add to that article:

I wrote another article about stress.  The effects that stress has on your body.  It is very dangerous for your health.  Stress can kill! But some stressors can be managed, and I listed them, one being supplements.

Sell What Your Website is About

Let’s say your blog is all about camping.  You are an avid camper. You’ve camped all over the country.  And you are regularly writing articles about campsites you’ve personally visited.  Reviews are great for your blogs.  It builds trust between you and your readers/visitors.  With confidence, they become return visitors.  Return visitors look good to Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  As well as your conversion rate on your site.

Write a review on that new sleeping bag you recently bought before your Brown County, IN, camping trip a couple of months ago. Explain to your readers what this particular product is specifically for and what promises the company claimed they could deliver. Example: The company claims these specific sleeping bags are great for condition minus 5 degrees. It’s also waterproof.  And the sleeping bag washes easily in the washer.  Well, does it deliver?

Then write what you liked and disliked about this sleeping bag. Mention the pros and cons.  You can give it a rating, and explain why you gave it that rating.  Reviews do not have to be positive. Your readers have become to trust your Amazon reviews, be honest.  They often come to your blog to learn about campgrounds and camping gear.  And you want to keep them coming back to your blog again and again.

And they will click on one of your Amazon links.  Whether it’s so, they can check out that sleeping bag you mentioned, or check out a variety of sleeping bags.

After they put a sleeping bag in their shopping cart, they check out the tents too.  Then they add two lanterns.  And two cans of water repellent for your tent.  When they check out, you will get a commission of that total sale.  ANYTHING they purchase during their visit, you’ll get a commission. That’s money in your pocket!

Add an ad for the tents too.  When your writing about your steller camping experience and you mention all the hiking trails you and your girlfriend checked out and went on, you could get creative, making your advertisements to place on your page.

With a camping blog, the affiliate marketing possibilities are endless!  You can even see if companies specializing in only camping and camping gear, have an affiliate program you can join, and place their ads on your blog.

There are so many niches you can do a blog about, video editing hardware, archery, pottery, skincare/makeup, purses, guns (many different areas to go in with this niche) — coin collecting. And the more passionate you are about your niche, the more comfortable and more enjoyable it is for you to write about and sell!

Check this out, over the weekend you place ads on your blogs pages, advertisements relevant to the article at hand.  On Monday, you return to your full-time job, and while you’re busy at work, your blog is generating revenue for you.  How can you not love that!?  Do you know of any other jobs that can earn you money while you are sleeping?     Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world do this every single day.

Selling One Specific Product

I know people who make good money by selling one particular product.  A “name-brand” product.  Or a collectibles

For instance, you could write about Harry Potter collectibles.  What you like or don’t like.  Again, you could do reviews.  Many people don’t give writing reviews, much thought. They are vital to your blog.  Remember returning visitors Plus if you’re a big fan of Harry Potter, and over a few months of your writing, knowledgeable, exciting, and engaging articles, as well as reviews, word of mouth amongst other fans of Harry Potter can spread quickly.  You would be shocked.

I used to work with a guy that has not one, but two rooms dedicated to the band KISS. He’s met all band members, more than once.  He goes to KISS conventions.  I mean, at least once a month, I see him post something regarding KISS on Facebook.

Can you see why the sky is the limit when your working by doing affiliate marketing?

Are You Interested Now?

I know this sounds good.  I mean, what about making money, wouldn’t?  While many of you understand this, some don’t quite know how to go about doing it.  Don’t worry, and I got your back.  If you don’t have a blog or know how to create one, that’s ok.  You can learn to build a blog in about 30 seconds.  No lie.  And for free!!  At a place called Wealthy Affiliate, the above is obtainable for free.

Check out everything by clicking hereYou will not need to have your debit or credit card ready.  You will not have to agree to any contracts. You give no personal information of any kind.   Provide an email address, verify that email, sign in, and begin your free training on building your blog.  Learn how you, too, can make any of the money-making ideas above, and more.  Are you ready to start learning how?

IF you have any questions that I can answer, please feel free to ask them in the comments below, and I’ll reply to them ASAP!  You can also contact me at


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2 thoughts on “Make Money Selling Amazon Products (See How it’s Done!)

  1. This is what I truly love about Amazon. You can literally sell from any niche imaginable, and I believe your visitors are cookied in for 24 hours, or something, so it’s possible to make money here even from products not in your niche, which can be really, really lucrative. I noticed this happened three times on my own Amazon Associates account and was initially shocked until I read the description of the partnership through. Kind of cool and a pleasant surprise. 

    1. Hi Todd,

      That’s why I like Amazon.  I could be trying to sell my reader supplements, and if they decide to buy some workout equipment, I still profit from it.

      You’ll take all the pleasant surprises that come your way, I’m sure.  LOL  I know I will.  Thank you for stopping by!

      =)   Laura

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