Laptop Maintenance Tips

This article gets to the point, laptop maintenance tips. Many don’t think about caring for their laptops until serious issues arise. If you stay on top of maintenance, you may be able to avoid those annoying issues. No one wants to be without their laptop cause you had to bring it and have it looked at,

Car maintenance ensures that your car continues to run smoothly; it is just as important to do so with your laptop. Not only will it have you cruising the internet effortlessly, but it also keeps your online experience safe. Security is key to any laptop/computer. It is essential to do those updates, which we tend to skip. So, pick a day or night once a week or bi-weekly. And do it!!


First and foremost, when your laptop prompts you that there are updates, don’t ignore them. Lots of times, they include patches and other important things. Believe it or not, if you skip your updates, you could be setting up your laptop to run slowly. When I heard that, I made sure I do my updates regularly. Usually, once a week.

If you currently have updates, go ahead and do them now. Staying on top of your updates keeps you from having to update for three hours because you kept clicking on the ‘remind me later’ button, and you have 25 updates to do.

These tips will include all aspects of laptop maintenance. All may not apply to you, and that’s OK. Feel free to share these tips with others. And if you have a tip or two that I’ve not covered, please add them in the comments section below.  😀

Laptop Tips

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Always keep your keyboard, and your mouse clean. I had an issue this weekend, where my mouse was not responding as it should. My hubby took my mouse and cleaned off the part that sends a signal to my mouse. After he cleaned it, my issue had been resolved. The same goes for any openings you may have on your laptop, keep them clean as well.

Always shut down your laptop properly. Shutting down your laptop at least, nightly keeps your laptop running smoothly. Doing so will extend your laptop’s life too.

Back up your laptop religiously. I use an external hard drive. But my smartphone uses the cloud. However, you do it; make sure it is reliable. You will kick yourself in the rear if you do not do this. Also, be sure that any programs you backup needs to be in zip form.

Buy a sleeve or carrying case/backpack. Protective sleeves or cases come in handy when traveling with your laptop. I just got a carrying case at Staples, that was on sale. A $90 case, for $30. Can’t beat that. I can also carry my charger, my mouse, a notepad, and more. They also keep your laptop free from any scratches and debris. My carrying case, which has a shoulder strap, and handles, helps me from and accidental drops.

Clean up your disc’s HD. Usually, most laptops come with tools in which to do this. I run this every two weeks.  I usually do this before a defrag.

Clean your cache periodically. A lot of useless data gets stored on our pc. It also looks for any errors in your registry.

Clean your monitor with care. Using an LCD cleaner is what I’ve seen, that is usually suggested for your laptop screen.  Find out what is recommended to use on your laptop’s screen.

Delete any programs you no longer use. Over time, these unwanted programs may affect your laptops performance. Keep in mind these aren’t essential programs that your laptop needs to run another program. I remember years ago deleting a DLL…for Windows. I had to take my laptop in to be looked at. So be sure it’s not something that will affect the performance of your laptop. And be sure to delete programs correctly. Go into your settings to do this.

Do not let any magnets near any laptop, tablet, or pc. This protects your hard drive.

I can not say this enough, do not eat or drink over your laptop. I have fried a couple of laptops, with spills. Learn from my mistakes.

If need be, like you may need a larger HD, then you’ll need to upgrade your laptop’s hardware.

Keep any vents open and free of any blockage. It’s rather simple, do not block any vents. You don’t want your laptop overheating. Also, overheating can become an issue if you are coming in from outside where it is cold. Let your computer adjust to the inside temperature before turning on.

Keep your firewall always running. It’s the first line of defense for any laptop and computer!

Keep your laptop closed when not in use. Closing it keeps your monitor and keyboard safe.

Never leave your laptop in your car or truck for an extended period. Not only may it get stolen, but you want to avoid overheating your laptop.

Only use WiFi that you know is safe.

Place your laptop on stable and safe surfaces.

Reinstall your OS regularly. Updates will pile up, and re-installing helps get rid of these. And most laptops OS comes with a reinstall tool.

Run a defrag often. Defragging helps your laptop to run more efficiently by rearranging data and files, making it easier for your laptop to read. I also have this set to run once a month automatically.

Run a malware scan. And do so regularly. I have my ‘tasks’ set up where it runs a malware scan once a week. If you can set it up where it runs automatically, I would do so. This way, your not forgetting about it. And if you don’t have a malware program, get one immediately. You’ll find a Top 10 list here,  decide which is best for you.

Turn your laptop off when not in use. I’m bad at this. I’ve noticed when I leave it running; my laptop becomes sluggish. Usually, I have to do a restart. Avoid all that by shutting it off.

Update drivers when needed.

Use a surge protector. There is nothing worse than a fried laptop that you use for work. Plus, a surge protector is way cheaper than having to buy a new laptop.

When it comes to your laptop’s battery, keep from overcharging it. I usually wait till I get that ‘battery is low’ window, before plugging it in. That tells me that I have about 15% of a charge left.

When plugging in flash drives, etc., do so with care. Anything that you plug into on your laptop ports should be done gently.


I have seen that there are programs that claim to clean your laptop.   I don’t know anything about such programs. I’ve been online for 25 years, and my OS always provided me with the tools to care for my laptop/computer properly. So why buy a program?

If you have any tips, please share them with us in the comments section.

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6 thoughts on “Laptop Maintenance Tips

  1. Hello,

    I have always wanted to start a business where I could work from where ever I desire.  I call it the “Laptop Lifestyle” and its one of my main goals.  Thank you for this article. I found it insightful and I plan on implementing a few of the t recommendations mentioned in my business moving forward.  Much appriciated.

    1. Hi Justin.  Laptop Lifestyle is what I want too.  Except I call it Riding my Laptop.  LOL  

      I’m happy that you found some tips to implement.  I keep mine scheduled on my smartphone; this way, I can check and make sure these auto tasks I’ve set, are being performed.

      And I wish you the very best in your new online business!

  2. Wow, great post about some tips to maintain laptop. As an online marketer, I have to rely on the laptop. But sometimes it is really annoying if we get any sudden problem with the laptop. But after reading your post I have got some great tips which will definitely help me to maintain my laptop. I really like some of your ideas which I will recommend to others to follow. Thanks a lot for this post.

    1. Hello,

      And thanks for stopping by.  It’s so good to hear that something I have written, will be of use to others.  Without our laptops, how would you and I work?  I too, use my laptop for work.

      Stop by, again soon,

  3. Excellent tips, thank you!  I have to admit, I am bad at shutting down my computer at night.  I just let it go to sleep.  You’re right that this causes the computer to be sluggish.  I’m also bad at running disk clean up and defrag!  Thanks for the reminder, I might do that today!  It truly does save you some hassle when your laptop dies due to neglectful users!

    1. Hi SJ,

      I’m guilty myself, of not turning off my laptop at night, but I am working on it.  LOL 

      Glad you found these tips useful!

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