Just What Is Affiliate Markerting?

When I first started my blog, I had never heard of affiliate marketing.  Over time I learned that it was something I can make money doing online.  Who doesn’t like the opportunity to make money online, all while working from your home?
 So, just what is affiliate marketing??
A company sells its products by signing individuals who market the company’s products for a commission.

Can Anyone do Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, anyone can do it. You can learn to do it. As long as you have a laptop or PC, and a internet connection, you can do this.

  • A single parent raising children on their own
  • Are ready to move on and learn a new career
  • Caregivers
  • College/University Students
  • Disabled individuals (this is where I fit in)
  • Unemployed or laid off
  • Low salary employees
  • Minimum wage workers
  • Or those wanting to retire, but cannot afford too
  • People looking for a second source of income
  • People wishing to own their own business and would rather be their own boss.
  • People who are really in debt
  • People who would love to quit their job
  • Receiving unemployment benefits that’s are not enough to make ends meet, or it has run out
  • Retired individuals (looking to supplement their income)
  • School teachers
  • Those that are looking to work from home
  • Those that still pay a mortgage, or those that are close to losing their house
  • Unhappy with their current career
  • Vets or disabled vets

Can Money be Made, Doing This?

The answer is YES. I have seen retailers offer anywhere between 3% (shallow end) up to 85 %. Some of these commissions are what you call recurring commissions Example: If you set up a website about dating. You can team up with those online dating companies.   When a member goes to a dating site, by clicking on an ad from your website and signs up to become a monthly member, they usually pay a  fee every month, and you’ll get a recurring commission every month as well. There are a lot of affiliate programs out there where you can earn recurring commissions like that. One really can not go wrong with affiliate marketing. There are so many affiliate programs out there; I mean millions of them. In every category, one can think,

How Often Would I have to Work at This?

A lot of people I know first starting, still work their full-time jobs, so the hours they can dedicate are limited. But that’s the keyword here, dedicate. If you apply the dedication, you’re almost than half-way there. Now, I’ve been nothing but honest with you so far, and I’ll continue to do so. You will have to work and work hard. Stay with it. Focus on whatever it is your hoping to achieve by doing this.  How much money you earn is up to you.  What you put into your business determines how well you will do.   Just like with anything else in life.
I’ve seen people start by making $1.66 a day or even a week doing affiliate marketing. I know, not very encouraging, but do read on. Did that stop them?  Oh, heck no. If anything, that fueled them to work harder and harder. And now those very same people are making $3000+ a month: some, even that much a week. Affiliate marketing can be very. Lucrative.  But it won’t happen unless you apply yourself and work hard. It’s no different from wanting that promotion at a real job. Apply yourself, focus, and work hard for it. Right?  Same with your own business.
I know I repeat myself about working hard, applying yourself.  And dedication.  But I want you to understand that this is not a get rich quick scheme/scam.  If someone promises you that in a week, you’ll have $11,000 in your bank account, ask yourself this one question…” why isn’t everybody doing it?”
With affiliate marketing, you’re in business for yourself. You are your boss. You are in charge of how far you go. Pick your hours, but remember what I said, if you don’t apply yourself and work hard, you won’t get anything out of doing this.  Never give up is my motto.
Becoming successful and getting to work from home, does it get any better than that? You can take your laptop anywhere you want and work. Anywhere!!! I travel back and forth between Indiana and Florida. I take my laptop with me, and I can work. If I stop at a hotel overnight, I can work for a couple of hours.  I stop for lunch. I can bring in my laptop and used the restaurant’s WiFi. Even though the beach has no wifi, I was able to write an article. I wrote a couple of pieces, while I was at the beach. Can you do your job right now from the beach?
I have known people that started building their website, making it look terrific. Added a few /articles/posts/pages, joined a few affiliate programs, and put their affiliate links on their pages, and then stopped doing anything else. They’ll get online, look at their site.  Then they close that window and head over to Facebook. And they are surprised when they’re not making any money. I’ve even asked them, “when was the last time you wrote anything for your blog?” And they’ll say, “I dunno, a couple of weeks.” If you put nothing into your business, your business will go nowhere. No different from a 9 to 5 job. Are you starting to see the picture here?? Dedication, hard work, and persistence can bring you what you’re after, money, travel, financial security.
The freedom of owning your own business, working from home, being your own boss can be an excellent feeling. As great as that feeling may be, it is nothing compared to financial freedom! I love saying that financial freedom. What would that mean for you????
To me, it means that my husband can retire early. We can afford full coverage of health insurance. Pay off our home up north. We can travel. We’ve already bought a house which is paid for, IN FULL, in Florida. We wrote a bucket list, and although we have a lot to check of still, we have been able to check off quite a bit.

But, I Don’t Know How to Build a Website!

I didn’t either. Like I mentioned in the opening of this article, I had never even heard of affiliate marketing. I had spent 18 months searching for jobs that I could do from home. I love being on my computer. Being disabled meant I had the time on my hands, but it also meant I had to find something I can do online that gave me a real income.
And in those special note here, in those 18 months of searching, I saw firsthand the many scams that are out there. I know of one person that dished out $9000.00 and has minimal, if anything, to show for it. I did not want to become one of these people.

I even searched on Indeed, but nothing offered the freedom that I have now.  I had to work in one state or city.  No traveling allowed. I couldn’t work from a laptop. It had to be a desktop PC.  You had to have a landline phone, no cell phones,  I couldn’t use WiFi, had to have a landline for the internet.  Too many restrictions, for me.

Anyone Can Learn and Do This

I was online, and I honestly don’t remember what I was doing, but I came across a page that was offering a free starter membership. I instantly researched it, Wealthy Affiliate. Then I went back, and I read what they provided precisely.  What that they were offering for free exactly. They offered me training. Real LIVE training. Training with videos.  And if I got stuck, there is a Live Chat I could post my question in, and those in chat would answer my question, almost instantly.  I had a mentor. They taught me to build a website—took maybe 1 minute if that!. You don’t need to know any HTML coding.
With a free starter membership, you will learn so much how to build your website, which is going to be the foundation of your business. They teach you to understand how you can make money online with your website. You will learn how to set up your website to be ready for search engines, which is what will bring traffic to your website. Then you will learn how to write content for your website. Real, interesting, engaging content. Content is key to your website. And you don’t have to know how to write, you will learn!! The videos explain to you, step by step–might I add, how to add custom menus to your website. The videos will teach you about keywords. Keywords are what a person types into a search engine. And it is what helps you to write your content.
I know this sounds like a lot, but you can go at your own pace. One mom I know gets to work about 2 to 3 hours a night. She is learning how to own her own business from her home while her children are asleep in bed. She’s there for them if they should wake up for any reason.  It can be done!

So What are You Waiting For?

Start your free membership today. It is for seven days, and you’ll learn and complete the first ten lessons. Enough to have you build your website, drive traffic to your website, and how you can make money from it.
No credit or debit card is needed.  No cash is required for your starter membership.  You give them an email address, login, and begin your training if you don’t like affiliate marketing. Or find this isn’t for you, that’s fine. You paid nothing, yet you will walk away with some understanding of affiliate marketing. And that you can be successful with your website. And you have a website that you built!!!! You have absolutely nothing to lose. Click on the banner below, and just read what’s on the landing page. Read it and then decide for yourself.
Take a few days before deciding, no rush. One last thing, and then you can check out the site. You will not find a better training program with as qualified people teaching you; then, you will find at Wealthy Affiliate. I would not still be there if it wasn’t. Go ahead, click on the banner below.
build a website in about 30 second, Become your own boss today

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