I’m Disabled but Work from Home. And I Make Money!

I became disabled officially in 2015, but if I wanted to be honest with myself, and you,
more like 2005.  I knew I was unable to perform at 100% at my jobs, but my pride wouldn’t let me quit.  Not until, in 2015, where I realized it wasn’t fair to my co-workers, my employers, and myself, and I left the workforce in August of 2015.

I am disabled but working from home, And I make money!  I can work around my current schedule.  If I have unexpected issues that pop up, it’s ok. I can work around everything, and not have to beg my boss for time off.  Another awesome perk one gets, working from home.

Who Am I?

My name is Laura, aka Chrissie.  I’ll be 58 in August.  I’ve been married 32 years next month, to my best friend.  A mom to 3 beautiful, responsible young women.  Yeah, I’m biased.  LOL

I work from home, about 10 hours a day – give or take.   Usually, 5 to 6 days a week, depending on my workload.  I get to call the shots!  I’m dedicated to my business, I am going to succeed at what I do, and earn a passive income, if not more.   I do affiliate marketing, create graphics, and build websites.  I am my boss, and that is satisfying, there are no politics or games.  I love what I do, and you can love what you do too!

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When I was 14, I got my first ‘retail’ job up in Alaska, an ex-service brat here, I stocked shelves at Bears Supermarket.  We moved to WestVirginia. I got a job at Hecks Department Store, which is no longer in business.  There I worked the sporting goods counter.  I did a few other jobs between, mostly waiting tables.  Got married, had our girls.  I was blessed. I was able to stay home with them.  The cost of daycare, and what my line of worked paid per hour, just wasn’t worth me going back to work, so we decided I’d stay home.

Once our two oldest got their driver’s license and a car, well, they didn’t need mom as much anymore.  I no longer was a glorified taxi-mom.  And I returned into the workforce.  Kohl’s as a dock worker–which is where I noticed I struggled to do certain things.  Then I just figured it was my being older.  LOL, I also started working part-time at Fashion Bug, which is where I went into retail management.

In retail, one helps unload the truck, move boxes, and crack them to take out what contents are in them.  Usually clothing, that needed to be put on a hanger and hung up on a ‘Z-rail.’  Later those clothes will be brought out onto the floor.  Sometimes the walls had to be done or redone, even moved.  That usually included having to use a ladder.  The last time I used a ladder was when I was changing the purse wall, with the accessories wall.  I almost fell.  I grabbed onto hardware on the wall, and almost brought it down with me, where I would’ve landed on my back on top of a table display of new arrival purses.

I knew then that I had a limit as to what I could do.  Even my boss mentioned trying to go for disability, but no way, I could work!  I was there every day.  Took over others’ shifts when needed.  I didn’t need any stinking disability!  HA!


I’ve had psoriasis ever since I was 14.  Mainly my hairline around the cap of my head.  And my elbows.  My Nana had it as well, and it is hereditary.

disabled, baby boomers, work from homeTwenty-four years later, I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.  All my toes are fused, so my balance stinks.  My right hand has a few fused fingers, so gripping things, well, I had to learn new ways to go about picking items up and accept what I could no longer do.  The adjustment period was long and arduous.  Probably wouldn’t have been as difficult if I weren’t so stubborn.  But I am a Leo! hahaha


Looking for Work

I tried finding another job, other than retail management, and after a year, with no success, I gave up and tried a different route.  That’s why I began looking for work I can do from home on my laptop.  WOW, did I find a lot of scams? Read a lot of reviews where people lost $2000, $5000, even $9000!!  If you are anything like me back then, I didn’t have that kind of money. I searched for close to 18 months!

Then I can across a page that had an ad that offered to show me how to make money online. A passive income. With free training by Wealthy Affiliate!

Of course, I went to research it. I was reading reviews. I don’t care what you are researching on, but you will ALWAYS find negative reviews.  What enticed me was I could start this training FOR FREE. You do not need a credit card or debit card; no personal info is asked of disabled, baby boomers, work from homeme.  All you need is an email address. Those, I had plenty of, lol. So I tried it, for free, for seven days.

I became hooked.  In those seven days, I had my website built, I learned and understood the many ways one could go about making money online.  I learned about search engines and how to get traffic to my website.  More importantly, I learned how to write interesting and engaging content.  Because I was helping people, they read what I wrote.  This creates trust with your readers, who will return to check out other future articles you write.

>>> Click here <<< to read my review on Wealthy Affiliate. You will see everything you get for free.  And more!!  It’s my honest opinion, and my second review, my first one was written last year.

Check out Wealthy Affiliate, click on the banner at the bottom. Try the free training. See if this is for you. If not, your out nothing, but time.

Final Thoughts

I’m so grateful I came across Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been doing this a year next month. Am I rich yet?  No, but I did make some decent money over last year’s holiday season.  In time, I will make money

It’s a slow process, and it’s NOT a get rich quick scheme. It takes hard work, dedication, and persistence. No matter what, NEVER give up. If you have the time, and what I’ve mentioned above, success WILL BE yours. You work this around your current schedule.  If you only have two hours a night, that’s fine.  As long as you work it, cause it won’t happen unless you do.  You will see success.

Another thing that Wealthy Affiliate did for me is it gave me my purpose back with me not contributing to the household, which made me feel bad.  I thought I had no purpose in life — nothing to get out of bed for.

Check out the “Real Success Stories.” of the successful people because they had the drive, and they followed Wealthy Affiliates training.

Please look me up once you get to WA, I’m LCEndahl. I sure hope you’ll check out WA!  Come on, you have nothing to lose. And you can work this around  YOUR current schedule. It is your business now. And you’re going to love being your own boss!

Also, read my “WHAT’S SO AWESOME WORKING FROM HOME!”  The truth!


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4 thoughts on “I’m Disabled but Work from Home. And I Make Money!

  1. Hi Chrissie, great post. There are so many scams out there that it is hard to tell the good from the bad. So glad you found WA and realized the opportunity that they provide. I have utilized their platform now for 30 days. The hardest part for me was developing that engaging content that you mentioned. You seem to have that part down though. Your post kept me reading and wanting to know more about you and your story. No doubt you will be successful in your new found career.

    1. Hi Randy,

      And thank you for your kind words.

      I take it your liking Wealthy Affiliate.  I forgot to mention the awesome community we have at WA.

      And Happy WA Birthday–30 days old.  You still have more to learn, but I’ve been there a year next month and find myself STILL learning.  Once you’re done with the training, check out the members training.  A few things I didn’t quite get in OEC training, I got from a members training.

      Thanks for stopping by. Randy.  Maybe we’ll meet up in Live Chat!
      =)   Laura  AKA  Chrissie   =)

  2. Hi Laura, thanks for sharing your story.   Your evolution from glorified taxi driver mom to retail to making money working from home.  That is awesome that you are able to work from home and make money in spite of your disability.    

    Like you, I have read about so many scams where people end up losing a lot of money.    That certainly does not help with self respect when you are already feeling some what deflated.   

    I was thrilled to read that Wealthy Affiliate gave you back a sense of purpose.   I need to go check out your Wealthy Affiliate review next.   Thanks for sharing the link.   

    1. Hi Sondra,

      Wealthy Affiliate sure gave me more than the know how to make money online.  

      I hope you’ll leave a comment on my review page.  And I hope you’ll take a look over at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thank you for stopping by hun,
      =)   Laura

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