I Ride My Laptop

Yes, you’ve heard me right, I ride my laptop. About 80% of the time, I ride my laptop to work, my office here in my home. And then 20% of the time, I work, but not from home. And that’s when I have the most fun riding my laptop.

On the Road

become your own boss today, I ride my laptop, work from home, affiliate marketingWhen my dad was sick, I was driving down to Florida, at least every other month. Where many people work 9 to 5 jobs and have to ask, sometimes beg for time off work, I was able to take my work and my laptop with me.

If my husband was driving, I could write an article. Even if it was a rough draft, I could work as we were driving. From my phone, I also was able to research any future articles I was considering writing.

If we decided to stop in a hotel, for the night, I could still work. I can polish up my article I wrote in the car and then using the hotel’s WiFi; I was able to publish that article to my blog. I was also able to check my emails, as well as answer those that needed a reply. If I wanted to, I could do more research. I could research keywords, statistics, information, etc., all by using the hotel’s WiFi. Can you work from anywhere with your current job?

When Dad Got Sick

Last February, my father had a heart attack. I drove down by myself to be with my father. When I got there, he was under sedation as well as on a breathing machine. I’ll be honest with you, that first couple of days, I just sat there, by his bed, holding his hand. I was still trying to come to terms with it all.

On the third day, I decided to take my laptop with me and get some work done. That third day I didn’t get any work done, but the following days I was able to catch up on my studying and do some homework as well. For the next three days, I was able to write become your own boss today, I ride my laptop, work from home, affiliate marketingand used the hospitals’ WiFi to do some researching. I needed to find the right keywords to use in my following articles.

When I got hungry, I would take my laptop with me and grab a quick bite to eat in the cafeteria. I checked emails and answered a few clients’ emails. I did a little advertising on social media too.

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

When they finally were able to wake dad up, they moved him into a regular room; I permitted myself to go home and sleep in a bed that night. Many times I would eat breakfast on the way to the hospital. If I were at a restaurant that had WiFi, I would check my schedule. Or do some reading that I had to do for school.

Most of my lunches were at the hospitals’ cafeteria, and since I didn’t take long for lunch, I usually just checked Facebook. Hey, I can’t be all work. That’s a road to burn out. I know this firsthand.

I took longer dinner breaks. Because I  was usually going home, so I was able to do more studying. This studying was for classes I was taking to learn more about my job. In marketing, there are always new things to learn. I believe that is why I enjoy it so much. Not to mention the fact that I can work from anywhere!  Can you?

Dog Parks

I was first introduced to dog parks in Florida. The kind of dog parks where you can take your dog to the beach! I absolutely love the beach. Now, my dog, Mojo, isn’t too fond of the water. He’ll let me take him in the ocean when I put him in the waster, he’ll swim towards the shore. Maybe it’s his size. You see, he weighs a whopping five lbs. So, we bought him a boogie board, and he loves it. He can get in the water, and if mommy doesn’t splash water at him, only his feet have to get wet. When we got out of the water and dried off, I’ll get my laptop out. Mojo doesn’t mind; he’ll relax under the umbrella or try to chase the seagulls.

Now, of course, there’s no WiFi at the beach. At least, I’ve yet to find one. LOL But believe it or not, I can still work without having to be online. There’s always my schedule to look over or tweak or make. I usually have ideas on articles to write. Sometimes I can write an article, insert images I’ve already downloaded. I can proofread it and have it ready to publish as soon as I get home. Or I can write a rough draft. Read over any information I downloaded to my laptop. I can even catch up on studying or homework.

become your own boss today, I ride my laptop, work from home, affiliate marketing

I’ve even worked when my hubby and I go to the beach. Usually, I won’t do this because it is our time, but if I need to, I know that I can.  Can you at the beach?


No longer do I dread doctors or dentist appointments. Depending on who my appointment is with, I’ll decide what I have time to do. I can get online, as a guest, thanks to my doctor or dentist’s WiFi. And yes, I can work. All aspects of my job can be done as I wait until I am seen. By doing this, means I can quit at an earlier time, once I get home.

Now I don’t have to make an appointment to go to Starbucks.  I can go there, relax with my white chocolate mocha Latte. I  can study or write, answer emails, go over my schedule. Advertise on social media. I can also look for more clients to network with, or possibly make a partner.

And since I’m my own boss, I didn’t have to ask anyone if I could leave or not. I love that part of working from home. I can go to appointments or run errands,  at any time. And if need be, bring my work along with me!  Can you ride your laptop?

When Visiting

Depending on which daughter we go to visit, if need be, I can bring my laptop, therefore my work with me. I may not always work, but if I need too, I can.

We’ve spent the night at our oldest daughter’s house, and I was able to do some work once we crawled into bed. When our middle daughter was in college, I could work, using IU’s WiFi.  Imagine being able to do that.


Since building my online business, working from home, I’ve yet to find a place where I can’t work. Do I work all the time? No. We have gone on a vacation where I did not bring my laptop. I would usually double up on my work at home, before leaving for vacation.

There was one time that I did bring my laptop, you know, in case I found the time to work. I didn’t, but I was okay knowing that if I needed to work, I could fit it in.

We could take a vacation anytime we wanted. I am my boss, so I have no one to answer to. That kind of freedom you can not explain. One has to experience it for themselves.  When dad was in the hospital, there was no boss I had to ask time off from work. I packed and was on my way.

Can You Work from Anywhere?

With your current job, can you work from anywhere? At any time? If you can, you join the ranks of those of us that can. Can you work from home? Do you own a business? How about being your boss?

I don’t get up super early. Usually, no later than 10:00 am. So my schedule is just that, my schedule. I can work with no distractions till about 5:00. Our youngest daughter is in usually her room. So I can often work till 8:00 pm. I set that time after I first got I ride my laptop, become your own boss todayburned out. Working 12 to 16 hours a day, seven days a week, can make you burnt out. But working like this is how I earned an income.

Would you like to work online and make money while on your couch from your home? I do affiliate marketing. And with that, I have so many directions that I can go with this with my business.

You Can Ride Your Laptop Too!

I won’t give you a big sales pitch. I know how I feel about them, and I’m sure your feelings are similar. What if I told you that you could begin learning how to work from your home. Build a blog of your very own. Make money online with affiliate marketing. AND do so for free. Yes, for free with Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll have access to 20 lessons, for free. Access to the owners of the business as well as get your questions answered, in live chat. Or from other members in the community for seven days, totally free! You have nothing to lose, but maybe your time.

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8 thoughts on “I Ride My Laptop

  1. Does that sound like the dream job!  Want to work from Starbucks today?  Just grab the laptop and go mainline iced mochas!  Woot!  Need to spend time with a sick relative, no need to ask for time off.  You do present the perfect type of dream job for nearly everyone, where you don’t need to ask for anything and can work from wherever you are.  There are, of course, downsides to working from home especially if you have kids at home, but honestly, it sounds wonderful to me.  Thanks for sharing how you manage to ‘ride your laptop.’

    1. Hello Serenity,

      Having kids could be a downsize.  But having your own business gives you the flexibility to work when they’re at school, or at night when there sleeping.  It may not be how you currently want things but keep at it, hun.  Love your kids and build your business.
      =)   Laura

  2. I can totally relate to this. I still have a nine to five because my online business hasn’t picked up yet. During my not so busy hours I get to work on my business and it’s really surprising how much you can do with a focused mind. I also spend half pf my off days on my laptop. sometimes when a new idea pops and I don’t have my laptop with, I can do some research through my phone and later publish it through my laptop. so yeah, online business is the new thing

  3. Hi

    As they say there is a time to work and a time to play. Yes, you are right you can take, a smart phone, tablet, and a laptop everywhere, as long as the WiFi spot is good. There is nothing worse trying to get a signal to find you are in a WiFi blackspot. Not good at all. Smartphones are more practical as you can still answer mails, do searches and come up with ideas. The only drawback I can see is the battery life, as you do not want to be writing an article for the article to disappear as the power runs down.

    I find concentration difficult outside as there are more distractions, whilst at home I can concentrate on things better. This will be specific to the person in question. The free time is more important, as you can adapt your working time to when it suits you. Do you find it difficult to work in a noisy environment?



    1. Hi Antonio!

      Sometimes it is too noisy, but usually, when I get into what I’m doing I can block out anything.   A lot of different things could go wrong unless you prepare.  Preparation makes a world of difference.  It’s what’s key!

      Best of luck,

  4. Hi! Reading your story is so exciting and I have even wondered in the past if this could be so. But I now know that we can have our business traveling with us wherever we go. We can spend time with our family, go to the beach, not dread medical appointments, and so on. We have more control of our life. But more control also means more responsibility. But most of us are prepared for it, although not all.

    1. Hi Henry,

      I agree with you.  One must dedicate themselves and work hard.  But it is so worth it, with the freedom we get in return!!

      The best you and your business,
      =)   Laura

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