How Do I Start My Own Blog?

There are millions of blogs on the internet from people all around the globe. They cover millions of different niches.  A niche is a topic or idea that will attract an audience to your website. It’s usually something you are knowledgeable abo You might say it’s something you’re somewhat knowledgeable or passionate about.

There is no better time to start a blog than now. There are more people online now than ever before.  There are practically billions of people with online access, which means plenty of readers for your blog.

I have been building websites since 1998. I started my first blog in 2009. Have you ever wondered, “How do I start my blog?”  In this article, I will explain how.

making a blog, blogging, writing, traffic, niche

First Pick a Niche

A blog is a website that’s built on writing a lot of content.  Often these are called blog posts. I call them articles, but I’m old school. LOL And your blog can be on any niche. There are millions of different niches.

You may already have a niche in mind.  If you do, then you are ready to go. If you don’t have a niche yet, that is fine. Think about it; take your time.  But don’t overthink it.

When you are a writer of a blog, you are a blogger. And the posts/articles you write about have to catch your reader’s attention. Pick something that’s of interest to you, as well as your potential readers. A hobby of yours. A personal story. Something that you’ll be passionate about.

If you’re not passionate about it, it will show in your writing, and you possibly may lose interest in it, or worse, abandon your blog.  You might consider a niche you are interested in learning. Do your research, learn your niche, and share it with your future readers.

You’ll want to connect with your readers. Besides exciting and informative posts, think about helping your readers. Your words can have an impact. If you can help a reader, they are more likely to come back to reread your blog. And you want that. Your blog may become successful if you have interesting and helpful content in your posts.

You will want to connect with your readers about your niche. Within your niche, help your readers. Remember, there are billions of them. Your readers will be those that are also into your niche — or interested in learning about your niche.  You share your knowledge with people from all over the world.

Are you ready to become a blogger?  Well, let’s go!

Domain Name

Once you have a niche, it makes it easier to pick a blog name, which you can then make your domain name. You can have what I call a generic domain name that is usually free. I have one where I showcase scrap kits, by making graphics I create, called signature tags. My domain name is; it’s been up for about ten years.

making a blog, blogging, writing, traffic, nicheOr you can pay a small fee and have a personal domain name. Let’s say your niche teaching others how to crochet; you could go with or https://learntocrochet. Do you get the idea?

Sometimes your first few domain name ideas may already be taken, so keep trying. Instead, which is most preferred, you can try .net or .org. You can’t always keep it short, but make it one that people will remember.

I would suggest going with a free domain name, to begin with, your blog. Once you get into it, and your building visitors,  then you might think of buying a domain name. When you buy a domain name, it is your name.  And no one else can use it. Places to purchase a domain name are numerous. I would shop around.  See what names are available where.  And which offer the best prices. Take it from me, if you find a name, and it’s not being used, buy it!  One time I saw a name, and I was delighted with it.  I put in in my shopping cart; I think I wanted to wait until my husband came home, run it by him, and get his opinion on it.  Well, when I showed it to him that evening, the URL was no longer available.  I was so disappointed.

There are many places where you can host your blog. These platforms differ, and some are easier than others. Most will start you out for free, with the option to upgrade.  Upgrades usually offer many different size packages, with various options, for a monthly or yearly fee.

Building Your Blog

For me, this is the fun part, or so I think. You get to pick out a theme for your blog. Blogs start you out with a default theme.  Most hosts have free and paid themes that you can use. You can try them, and when you find the one you want, you apply it to your blog.

Once you’ve applied your theme, you can customize it. If your brand new to all of this, then take your time, you can always customize it later. Even today, I am changing themes. Not so much now as when I first started, but I enjoy trying new themes.

Soon you’ll start learning what works for you and what doesn’t. I like to have a sidebar, where I can place a certain number of my most recent posts. I also like a menu at the top of my blog. Some themes have the menu icon,  and I don’t care much about that. It’s all about preference, what works for you and your niche.

, go to your dashboard, look for the appearance icon.  Under that icon, you should see the themes option.  Here is where you’ll find free themes. And if you don’t like the default theme you have, grab another one, you do.

Your dashboard will be where you will find everything you need to start creating your blog. Have fun with it. Experiment with it.  It’ll be how you get acquainted with your dashboard. And don’t worry, if you do something that later you don’t like or want to change or tweak, your dashboard is where you’ll go to edit your blog and make those changes.

Once you find the theme that you’re happy with, then you are ready to start adding content! Are you ready to start blogging?


When you begin to write your first post, you will start with a title, of course. And then start writing. Don’t fret over grammar too much. If that isn’t one of your strong suits, download Grammarly. It is an extension to your browser.  It lets you know when you spell a word wrong.  By underlining words in red, which you will then hover your mouse over, and you can choose the correct spelling from a box that pops up. I’d be lost without it. I thought I was a good speller, till I got Grammarly. I’m even going over old websites to correct my grammar. It is a lifesaver.

You can also add bullet lists, change font size or color, header images, backgrounds, add links, or pictures. If you can think of it, more times than not, you can do it, or learn how to do it.

making a blog, blogging, writing, traffic, niche,I would suggest you start with an About Me page. Tell your readers just who you are. Here’s another way to connect with your readers. The About Me page reminds them that you are real. A human being, just like them. Give then a little insight on what your blog will be about, but keep it short.

Pages are different from posts. Pages usually go to your menu bar. This way, they don’t get lost in your blog roll. Which could happen, especially when you start adding content consistently, and you have a good number of posts.

Once you have written your post, you will want to go over it and correct anything that needs fixing. Here is where I’ll find some of my sentence structure is off, and I’ll correct it.  I’ll correct any punctuation.  Or I might add more content, or remove some. Remember, you want it to be interesting and engage your readers.  Informative and helpful posts are one of the best ways to achieve that.

Publish Your Post

Once you are happy with your post, you can then publish it. This is the exciting part. Once you’ve published your content, go and check out your blog, and you’ll be able to see your about me page and/or your first post.   I tend to proofread it one more time, from on my blog.

With most hosting websites, you’ll be able to edit any of your posts or pages in your dashboard. You can delete content, or re-arrange the order of your pages. Like I suggested above, your blog can never be wrong, because one it’s your blog. And two, you can always change it.

I try to keep my posts no smaller than 850 words or more.  Preferably 1000 words or more.  This is how you will get ranked in the search engines; Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The more consistent you are with writing solid content, the higher you will rank.

I know several people who have listed as #1 on the first page. Higher rankings bring more visitors, that can become repeat readers to your blog.

Time to Promote Your Blog

The more you promote your blog, the more visitors that come to your site. And the higher you rank with the search engines. I promote on three social media platforms; Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Of course, there are other social media platforms, but I find these are easiest for me.

Promote your blog on whatever social media that is most familiar with you. You can always add other social media networks later. I think the more, the better. When it comes to getting traffic to my site through social media, my preference is Pinterest. I get a lot of my traffic from there

All your friends will see your posts, and it never hurts to ask them to share it. I have both family and friends that share my posts.  Soon, your posts will spread like wildfire. Which means what? Right, visitors!!!


I didn’t go into great detail with web hosts and their dashboards because they are all somewhat different.  They let you set up your blog, and then you can create content for the world to see.

There are so many things you can do with your blog. You can even make money with your blog! Not all bloggers do this, but if it is something you may be interested in, please read my post, “Ways to Make Money with a Blog.

I hope this article has helped you with your decision to have a blog and on how to begin.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in my comments section.  If I can’t answer your question, I will try to point you in the right direction to find your answers.

making a blog, blogging, writing, traffic, niche

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10 thoughts on “How Do I Start My Own Blog?

  1. Starting a blog or writing a blog is some what easy and not so easy at the same time. I think you just have to pick the niche that you are passionate about and relentlessly writing about it at least 2-3 times a week on that niche. It also might take sometimes for google to pick you up as well, but hey we all have to start from somewhere right? 

    In the beginning I had a lot of theories and thinking way too much about blogging and would talk myself out of writing. One thing I learned though, because of that I don’t get anything done, what am I afraid of? After that I just kept writing and stop worrying about the mistakes I might make. The result I write more with confidence. Repetition is the key I guess. 🙂

    Yea, I was wondering why you did tell us about web hosting service. Cannot wait until you cover that topic next. 

    1. Hi and welcome,

      We sound alike in the overthinking and talking ourselves out of our decisions and ideas.  For me, add procrastination at times, and it’s a wonder I get things done at all.  LOL  I’m glad you were able to overcome yourself, and write.

      It is very important to be consistent with your posting, you are absolutely correct.  I tend to struggle with that.  But I’ve found getting out of the house, into the fresh air, or around other people, I clear my head, and at times ideas will flourish.

      An article about web hosts?  That’s an idea.  But now that you mentioned it, I did save a page that had a list of like 40 web hosts.  I think I’ll go add that right now.  Thank you for reminding me.

      I hope you come again, soon,
      =)  Laura

  2. Thanks for this quick starter guide to the easy steps to starting a blog. It’s nice to see the main points listed and described in a way that is easy for a beginner to understand and take action on. Blogging is a fun way to connect with the world and potentially find a great source of income as well! Thanks again!

    1. Hi Ali,

      Yes, blogging is a great way to connect with the world.  And I agree, it is fun!!  

      I am really stoked that you found my points were easy enough to understand.  I had to keep from getting too technical, more times than I can count.  LOL

      I like that you call it a starter guide, thank you,

  3. Oh, this is a very nice post. You have written here the basics of starting a blog and I must confess that j enjoyed reading this. Picking a niche that one likes and enjoy is one of the most important parts of blogging. For me, I have not decided yet what my niche will be about yet but I have some ideas lined up. I will go on to read how to make money with a blog. Thank you!

    1. Hi Henderson,

      I’m am happy you enjoyed my article.  And that you find it a helpful read, for that was my intent.

      I struggled with a niche, I went with one, the realized it can be included in a better one.  I am glad to hear you have some ideas line up.  Google then and check out what your competition would be and what they might be doing with the niche.

      I hope that you like reading “Ways to Make Money with a Blog.”  And, please, if you have any questions just drop them in the comments section, and I’ll try my best to answer any.

      Good luck with your niche, Henderson,
      =)  Laura

  4. Thanks for this informative post,  there’s no doubt that with this little bit of guidance and some basic resources, you can have your very own personal or professional blog up and running in no time. Thanks for holding my hand and walk me through every part of the process while helping me avoid the common mistakes. Much appreciated! 

    1. Hello Suen,

      And glad to be of help.  I am sure you will don great too.  Once you have your blog set up, be sure to check on my post “Ways to Make Money with a Blog.”  Hopefully, you’ll find some ideas and be raking it in, in no time.

      Again, glad I could be of some assistance,
      =)   Laura

  5. nicely written here. I have to give you some ɠoof praises for a job well done here. I own a blog myself though I just started off a few months ago, it’s been really great and creating a blog is not a hard task at all as long as one does proper research and uses a good platform. I think that training is also important when creating a blog. Nice post here. I’ll share this

    1. Hello John,

      And you are so right, it’s not really hard, and research is a big help.  I’m glad you liked my writing.  I was trying to keep it informative without getting sidetracked with more detailed aspects of creating a blog.  I think a good platform is key.  I used one that all they wound up doing was trying to upsell me.  So luckily I was able to cancel in the 14-day window.

      And thank you for sharing my post, I’m honored.
      =)  Laura

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