Can You Relate to Any of This?

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Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

Does any of the above sound familiar? Or do you have your own horror story to tell? Possibly you’re one of the few that have been lucky enough to experience not of this. Although I believe every adult has some story to tell.

My last job was my horror story job. The short version is my dad was living with a so-called family, his niece. In a year, she helped herself to my father’s money in the sum of $65,000. Medicine would be withheld from him if he bothered them. They would bully him. Belittle him. He was not allowed to carry any of his money. It was awful, for this was the second family member who did this to him. I took a few days off from work to get my dad to come home with us. And then get his affairs in order. After three days, my boss gave me two choices, my father, or my job. After what my father had just gone through, I chose my father. Two days later, I turned in my keys.


Become you own boss today. work from home, work around your schedule

Are You Unhappy with Your Job?

I know with any job, you have to put up with a lot. That’s just life. And most of us do. We have no choice if we want to feed, clothe, have shelter for your family. Not to mention needing money for gas, to get to that our job, that you’re unhappy with. We all have bills, so we bite the bullet and go to work every single day.


Become you own boss today. work from home, work around your schedule

Paycheck to Paycheck

Many barely make it paycheck to paycheck.  Having to decide what bills get paid that payday, and which could hold off till next payday.  It’s a constant struggle.  And it’s very stressful.  It can be rough on a relationship/marriage.

I remember many times we would decide to put back one thing or another back, cause the girls needed their baby cereal or diapers. It was always a juggling act. I’m sure some of you can relate. At that time, the girls weren’t in school yet-thank goodness; we wouldn’t have been able to swing it.

If only you had just a little bit more money. Enough, so you don’t have to decide between groceries or the light bill.
Are you tired of always having to tell the kid’s no because there just not enough money in your budget for them to play basketball?  Or to go on a field trip to the museum, which afterward they will be eating lunch at McDonald’s, so they would need another $5.
Has this ever happened? And it always happens in between paychecks!   You are ready to head home after working an 11-hour day, and your car has a flat?  I’ve gotten up in the morning and had that happen. We would dig in the couch cushions, empty the penny jar, so we’d have enough money to get our tire fixed. You have your fingers crossed that they can fix it, cause you didn’t find enough $ to buy a retread tire.
If your one of the few that you don’t mind your job, you are truly blessed. You enjoy doing what you do, and that is fine. No, that is great. Right? But you only wish you got a bit more hours or got paid just a little more. As hard as you work, you should get a raise. But you know. That’s just wishful thinking.

What if You Could…

What if you could work your current job, yet learn another skill? I know. I’re thinking yeah, right! Stay with me here, OK? What if you could learn another skill that will teach you how to have your own business?? What if I told you that you could discover this new skill in your spare time?? I can hear you know..spare time?? What is that??
Let’s say you found an hour here and an hour there, and before you knew it, you had a website built? Yes, you can learn how to build a website with no experience whatsoever.
Now, with your new website, how would you like to know how YOU can make money with it??  Yes, you and your site can begin to earn money. I don’t know about you, but I was able to find a little more ‘spare time because I wanted to make money with my website.
I began to learn about affiliate marketing. And how to get traffic to my website. I had never even heard of affiliate marketing before, but I quickly learned what it was. And I did all of this in my spare time on my schedule.  I could go as slow or as fast as I wanted.
So now you have built your very own website. With affiliate marketing, you can now go into business for yourself. And learn how to start making money with your website.
Yes, you are still working your current job, but now you have a dim light at the end of that tunnel.

Working From Home

I failed to mention that all this learning, website building, that you’re doing all of this at home. See, you can find that spare time. Instead of watching that news show, or another re-run of That 70s Show, you can shop online, in your PJ’s and do some work on your business.  Your website!
The money isn’t instant, but that’s why you’re still working your ‘other’ job. BUT with time and dedication, you could begin to make enough money, full-time money, which you then can go in and quit that ‘other’ job.
You get to create your schedule. No more having to answer to ungrateful bosses. No more having to work with lazy co-workers. You are now working for yourself, a business that is yours. And in affiliate marketing. But you don’t have to do just affiliate marketing. The sky is the limit.

What if I Told You

Now, if I told you that you could begin this learning for free, would you believe me??? It is true. You will learn, in baby steps, not information overload, how to build a website, determine what keywords are, learn how to bring traffic to your new website and how you can make money with your website, all for free! That’s ten free lessons!

Won’t You Give it a Try?

Give it a try. Do those first ten lessons for FREE. No credit card is needed, just an email address, and you can log in and then begin your free training.  See for yourself the information that you can learn for free. If it’s not for you, walk away. You’ll get no emails asking you to come back. You tried it, now isn’t the time, and that’s it.
BUT if you can see how this venture can pan out and make you money, and you decide to keep going, let’s do this. It can be done.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate platform on the entire Internet. It teaches you something. After your free trial, there is a fee. $19 your first month, and $49 every month after Stop!  Before you close this window out, let me finish. I know if you probably don’t have an extra $49 just lying around, and that’s understandable. I didn’t either.  But I was able to cut back on my frappes, my Starbucks coffee, and my Frosty’s.  But what if you can bring in enough income to start paying for your membership, would you consider doing it then??

It can be yours if you are willing to buckle down, apply what you’ve been taught, and persistence.  Think of the many things you would like to do if you gain financial freedom.  Then use those as your goals to give yourself and your family what is deserved!
For that cost, you get continued training. And I don’t mean another ten lessons, and you get way more than that. You have an entire community that will help you — one on one, live training. And THERE ARE NO HIDDEN EXTRA COSTS!!!! That’s what I was worried about, but nope. I am getting so much experience, I have three websites, with earning potential. I’ve already made money off of my first website!
Think of the goals you can set for you and your family. Think about having the money to reach those goals. This is NOT a get rich quick scam. There are PLENTY of people in the Wealthy Affiliate community that is making full-time money and work only for themselves.
AND you can work from anywhere you want!! I’ve taken my laptop to Florida. While I was down there that I came up with my idea for my first site! I’m serious, Wealthy Affiliate is AMAZING!
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Start for free today. There is no commitment, no credit card, nothing for you to lose. Do those free ten lessons. Build your website, learn fantastic information from understandable, short videos. Learn from the members within the community–who are making this work and making money. They want to see you succeed!! It is a community like I’ve never, ever seen. Join for free to see for yourself.
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Become your own boss today, work from home. earn money online, affiliate marketing

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4 thoughts on “Can You Relate to Any of This?

  1. This article, right here, is why I do what I do. I don’t want to see another person, couple, or family suffer from uncertainty, living paycheck to paycheck, and stress in a life we only get one shot in. I’ve been there, myself, and one of my day jobs in the past consisted of a workplace laden with politics. The supervisor would pick one or two people out and make their worklife hell. Often, these employees were the ones struggling the most and as a result, I saw through the place literally from day one and clawed my way out of there.

    It was a horror show to say the least. Constantly understaffed, knowing what time we were starting work without knowing when we’d be finished, and always getting ridiculed for finishing with ten to twelve hours’ overtime each week. It blew. It was a company that claimed it cared for its people but at the end of the day, lied in that endeavor. Our customers could’ve asked us to lick the material we were sending and our bosses would’ve forced us to do it. 

    And it’s why I’m here, writing this comment and working on my own blogs. 

    1. Hi Todd,

      It’s disgusting these days!  And many in power think ‘oh if he quits I have 10 lined up to take his place.’  That’s not so much the case anymore.  Their unprofessionalism causes them to lose valuable employees, either from their treatment of them or like yourself, seeing what’s being done.  Or not being done.

      The last company I worked for prided themselves as putting family first.  YET the let me go, for taking time off to get my dad away from family that was stealing from him and abusing him.  So much for family, huh?

      Working on our own blogs is where it’s at.  Thanks for stopping by,
      =)   Laura

  2. I can relate well just that there was a little more twist in my story. I worked under a boss that’s way younger than my age, but to say he was a bully would be an understatement. He was simply more than that. He made me hate my work till I could take it no more and I was forced to slam my resignation letter on his desk albeit because I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. Seriously, learning affiliate marketing could not be more easier than what is presented on this platform. With dedication, I was able to scale through, I believe everyone could too. Thanks

    1. I’m sorry that you had that happened to you.  But I’m glad you found WA.  I bet it felt good slamming your resignation letter on his desk.  I would’ve had to say a few unkind words as well, LOL

      Affiliate marketing is amazing, and what you can do with it is endless.

      To never have to work for anyone else again!  And thank you for stopping by!!
      =)  Laura

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