Can I Make Money in Affiliate Marketing?

Have you asked yourself, “Can I Make Money in Affiliate Marketing?” The answer to that is quite simple, YES! Many people make good money in affiliate marketing. Some do this part-time, supplementing their current income, from their full-time job,

Affiliate marketing can earn, however much you want, but you will have to put the time in to do so.

There are also many other ways in which to make money in affiliate marketing, but this is the one I”m most familiar with.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

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In short, affiliate marketing is where you sell a product for a seller. You may be asked by a seller to do this. Or you may apply to a company.  There are many different companies that offer affiliate programs that you can join. Some want to see your website that you will place their product ads on. While some do not, each company does it differently.

Once you begin, the seller will give you a tracking ID number. Your ID is how the company’s way of tracking sales made from the link you place on your page.

You will be given a link, possibly two or three links, to place on your website. That link is your link, which will have your ID number within the URL.

There are hundreds of thousands of companies that have affiliate programs. You can choose the company that sells the products you are most interested in.

Or you can join Amazon’s affiliate program, where you have access to all of their products. I use Amazon and have found every product that I wanted to include in my article.

Each company sets the percentage on what you sell for them. I’ve seen commissions as low as three percent, all theBecome your own boss today, affiliate marketing, work from home, make money online way up to 75% percent.

Be sure to do your research on any company you are contemplating. Unfortunately, there are scams out there. So beware. Going with companies you are familiar with is the route I took.

I chose Amazon, cause they are a reputable company. I have bought from them myself, so I knew that any customers I sent their way with the respect they have provided me. I also knew I would get paid. Be sure to read their TOU as well as any rules or literature they may offer. If you violate their provisions, you could be dropped from their program.

Affiliate Networks

Often, you may join a company that will take you to an affiliate network that has partnered with that particular network. I have found a lot of company’s through affiliate networks. They offer thousands of companies. And millions of products.  As well as how much commission you will earn. Some affiliate networks even give you a rating on the company. Or possibly how popular that company is.

Become your own boss today, affiliate marketing, work from home, make money online


If I can’t find a particular product on a network, then that is when I will search for a store to see if they offer an affiliate program. Usually, you can find out if they do have an affiliate program at the bottom of their main page.

I belong to 4; one sells only digital products. And that one, I’ve yet to use, although I heard it is a reputable network.

The Best Way in Which to do This

Can I make Money in Affiliate Marketing, become your own boss todayFirst, you’ll need a website or a blog. And it never hurts to have a lot of traffic going to your site. These people can become potential customers for you. You’ll want to connect to your customers by offering products they need or want.

Maybe the product your selling is something they didn’t realize they wanted till they saw it on your website. Or better yet, help your customer by providing a product that can resolve an issue they’re having.  Maybe they need the advertised product to make their life easier.

I do not do this with every article I write, but when I post a product, I make it tie into my article. Keep in mind, if you have products on every page, the search engines see your site as spam and won’t bother listing it. Besides, most people don’t like being on a website that is nothing but advertisements on every page. Do not write your article about your product. People don’t like that. You want people to return to your website.

Another way of connecting with your customers is to help them. And not just through products. Share your knowledge and possibly offer ideas that may help them. People enjoy reading helpful and interesting articles. This is one-way people will return to your site. Who knows, they comer\ back to your website, and one of those times they buy something! You will be trusted, bringing them back again and again.

Write Reviews

Another way to build trust is to write reviews. One gentleman I know sells one kind of blender. It ties into what his website is about, which is about Healthy Living. This blender is expensive, but it sells, time and time again. Can you imagine the commission he must be getting from each sale?

With the products you place on your site, maybe you have used it yourself. If so, write a review. Reviews bring new people to your website. Who knows, they may be researching a product that they’re considering, and your review seals the deal for them, and they buy it from your site! That’s money in your pocket. And all you did was place the link on your website.

Reviews are another way to connect with your readers, as well as builds trust. By doing this, your almost guaranteed return visitors, as well as new visitors, through word of mouth.

Just be patient. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. Many people, some in which I know, make a passive income. They are financially independent. Some have even been able to quit their jobs. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Are You Serious About Doing Affiliate Marketing?

If you’ve been looking for ways to make money online, and/or to work from home than affiliate marketing could be for you. If you are interested in doing affiliate marketing, which can be very lucrative for you, but you want to learn more. Or possibly you don’t have a website and no clue how to make one. Maybe you want to learn a little bit more about affiliate marketing. Or other ways in which you can earn good money with your website, Then please, check out Wealthy Affiliate University. It is legit. They offer 20 totally free lessons. You can learn to earn, free for seven days. Decide then if this is legit, and if it’s for you. I promise you won’t be sorry. No credit/debit cards are needed. They ask for no personal information. Just provide an email address, register, login, and begin a new chapter of your life. That can give you a full-time income.

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Become your own boss today, work from home. earn money online, affiliate marketing

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12 thoughts on “Can I Make Money in Affiliate Marketing?

  1. HI thanks for the informative post. Ive been looking for ways to make money from home. Good to know what Affiliate marketing can work through writing reviews about products and we can make commissions from there. May I know once we created a website, is the course also teaching how to do SEO for our website? So that our page will be easily find in google, and reach out to more people. thanks again.

    1. Hi Yongli,

      Yes, WA teaches you all about SEO.  Not just Google, but Bing and Yahoo too.

      WA takes you from the very beginning of creating a website, and believe it or not, I’m STILL learning.  I have 2 sites and started on a new one this weekend.  The fact that you can begin for free, it’s like taking it out for a test drive.

      The very best to you, Yongli,
      =)  Laura

  2. I am so glad that you stressed that affiliate marketing isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It seems like it would take some time and that there is a lot to learn. I have been thinking about this but I am a little bit lost as to where to start. I think I will try the free trial offered at Wealthy Affiliate. It sounds like the 20 free lessons would be helpful and since it is free, why not? If I join will you be my coach?

    1. Hi Wendy,

      You sound like me, it’s free, why not?  LOL   

      \WA is great.  Look me up, I’d be honored to be your coach.  I’ll do my best and help you.  Look me up as LCEndahl.

      And the very best to you my friend,

  3. Nice, simple but informative article on affiliate marketing and its monetizing possibilities I would say. I fully agree with the importance of doing research on companies you are going to promote via affiliate marketing, I have several friends who have been promoting some programs more than a year before figuring out it was a scam. Cause those companies gave him sort of false flag of “approved sell” and commissions within the first day(s) but not meeting the withdrawal thresholds so they had a feeling they are going on the right path but could not check it by withdrawing bucks. However, thanks for sharing this, this really helps people struggling on how and where to start. 

    1. Hi Jesse,

      And I’m sorry that your friend got involved with irrepuatble companies.  It’s a shame.  I think thats why I prefer networks.  I’m sure they get scammed too, but I’ve not read anything about it yet.  

      Thanks for reading my article.  I hope it will help many to get started in in what can a lucrative business.
      =)   Laura

  4. An excellent post. The internet is full of scams at the moment. For a good luck (not really luck, and a bit of mind lol) I kept away from them. I happened to come across WA. It is a good platform to learn from affiliate marketing often. Thanks for posting. Carmen

    1. Hi Carmen,

      I was like you, I got lucky and didn’t fall for the scam.  YAY for us!! 

      This time of year is when aa lot of con artists prey on innocent people

      Good luck with WA!
      =)  Laura

  5. Great read, can people make money with affiliate marketing? I believe the sky is the limit, it takes a lot of work and dedication and if someone is patient they can generate a great income from doing so. 

    There is a vast amount of affiliate programs and that can really help someone with a small niche because the variety of products is endless with so many programs right at your fingertips.

    Affiliate marketing is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in starting up their own home based business, I thank you for shedding some light and great tips on this subject. 

    1. Hi Neil,

      Thank you and I agree with everything you said.  It is hard work, and if you ask me patience is a must.  So many quit when they don’t see money right away.

      I’m sticking with AM, especially this time of year, with the holiday shopping!

      Have a good one,
      =)  Laura

  6. I love your article! It clearly defines what it takes to be in affiliate marketing.
    It is a lot of hard work but well worth it when you finally see results.
    Amazon is the best avenue when it comes to representing affiliate products.
    But Clickbank and others work too and some even pay out more commissions.
    With Wealthy Affiliate it’s a four step program with awesome training.
    Find a niche, build a website, get traffic, and create income.
    Reviews are the best way to link to your products.
    Do you feel that there is a best way to research a niche?

    1. Hi Rob,

      I’m going to have to check out clickbank, if I haven’t already.  I agree with ya AM is a lot of work, but anything worth having usually is.

      As far as a niche, I’ve seen Google having lists of niches.  But then you have to research to see your competition, ot if its either worth doing.  A lot of things come into play.

      Glad you stopped by,
      =)   Laura

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