About Me

Hi, I am Laura Christine and welcome to my site,”Become Your Own Boss Today.”  This has become my pet project.  For many different reasons.  Not only do I want to share some information with you, that you may relate too.  But I would also like to help you out as well if I can.

Short but Sweet

Before 2008, I had been working in retail management.  Then 2008 happened (the recession), and then my health issues came to a head in 2015.  It was only a matter of time really, but because there was nothing wrong with my thought process, there was nothing wrong with my health.  Unfortunately, I am no longer able to work in the field I have all my life.  The kind of work O was able to do, was almost non-existent.  I needed to find something, that I can do, and can make money doing it.  For a year and a half, I did extensive research online.

What I Found During My Research

If I could share with you one piece of advice, beware of scams because there are so many out there.  I mean hundreds of thousands.  With more people turning to the internet for employment, the more these sorts of websites pop up. My suggestion to you is research the heck out of something that is appealing to you. Everything will come up with pros and cons, really dig in.

If anyone is asking for your financial information up front-me personally, time to move on.  If they ask that quickly, they will continue to ask, until they bleed you dry.  That’s how they make money.

Any site that was offering me something for free, and then on the next page they were asking me for debit card or credit card, well to me that is not free. I got absolutely nothing for free. But a lot of people get sucked in when they see the word free. I think it’s been hard-wired in us when we became old enough to spend our own money. Who knows, maybe even before then!

I did find some legitimate work, and my intentions is to share those with you in my blog. but no matter how bad you need a job bringing in an income, please remember there are no such things for you to get rich quick.  Think about, if a site is promising you 3 figures your first week, ask yourself one question, if that were the case wouldn’t everybody be doing it?  That would be quite hard to keep secret.

Research, research again, and then again.  If you’re wanting to start a business, and someone is asking your for $500 to get started, or more-well if you had that kind of money, you probably wouldn’t be so desperate to find a job online, right?

What I Found

Throughout the years I built websites, created graphics, but they were more than a hobby, they didn’t create much revenue.  I think I even did some research back then but didn’t find anything that seemed real, promising yes.  But so unreal.

One day, I sure I was searching, and probably not seriously because I can’t recall how I wound up on this one page.  But there was a website, they were calling it a platform that would teach me, with unlimited resources, for free.  As I mentioned above I usually move on from these particular pages.  Call me curious, or just proving this was another site wanting to offer me the world.on how to make a website, more than just the basics.  I read this page one more tie, and then plugged in the name ‘Wealthy Affiliate.  Do keep n mind, that honestly, no matter what your researching on you will find both pros and cons.  That’s just life.

Weed through the pros and cons, and then talk to your spouse/partner or a friend.  Whoever’s advice you respect, run it by them.

Then give Wealthy Affiliate a try, for free.  You get 7 days of Premium Membership for free.  You have free access to a mentor.  Free training videos.  You’ll get 20 lessons, absolutely free. You even have access to the co-owners of WA.   A whole community of over 1 million that you can learn from.  Who best to learn how to generate revenue for yourself, then from the many, that are doing so now?

I will shortly be adding my review on Wealthy Affilitae, for you to read.  Nine months into this, I saw a profit around the holiday shopping season. Am I rich yet?  No.  But I have seen the opportunity that promises me many different things, as long as I apply myself to my blog  Dedicate myself to my goals, and never give up!


I Am My Own Boss Today, how about you?
Laura Christine